Monday, May 19

Green bags

Have you noticed that you can no longer go a single day without hearing the word "green" in association with the enviornment, food, cars, products, parenting, etc.? I'm not against being "green minded" in many areas, as long as it isn't the route that leads me down finacial ruin just to be politacally correct. I am one who does what I think is best for my family. I try to be a good steward of the planet and all that God has given me, but I am also in favor of pesticides that rid my home of ants/bugs/spiders. I buy organic makeup, but only because it makes my skin really healthy, organic shampoo because it doesn't damage my hair and use things packaged in recycled materials if it happens to be less expensive. But when I came across "these bags"recently I was skeptical{note: move your mouse over the words "these bags" and it will give you a link to click to view the bags}. Not because of the name "Green Bags" but because of what they promoted. "Keep fruits and vegtables fresh for up to 30 days" the infomercial stated. They showed some moldy tomaotoes that had been left out (I admit mine have ended up like that more times than I can count) and then some in the bag. WOW...THEY'RE STILL GOOD AFTER 14 DAYS! Last Monday, during therapy a trip to Target, I came across these bags at the end of an aisle and decided for the price I would give them a try. I mean, come on, if they do work it would save me some major cash since my family usually ends up tossing at least $15 worth of fruits and veggies a month from the crisper.

I have to say...they work GREAT! To test the bags I put bananas in one, tomatoes in one, and apples in one...and left them on the counter in my fruit bowl...a week ago. All of them are still healthy, fresh and even the tomatoe is still firm and the banana is still bright yellow. Yay!

I know, I sound a bit infomercial=ly myself, but when I find something that actually works, I have to share! :)

Monday, May 5

Putting on my shoes

I've been gradually working myself toward getting in shape. I looked for motivation, but found cookies. I prayed for self control but bought control-top hose. I asked for a treadmill and found out that it doesn't do any good if you're not on it. But today I put on my shoes. I turned the treadmill on and stepped into action. I ate right and found my motivation. Where did I find it? How did I do it? I counted how many days I have until I am scheduled to be sitting on the beach in Mexico and decided that I would rather look back and know that I had at least done something to make myself a little more confident rather than look back and regret that I had not put forth at least a tiny bit of effort. I know a month isn't a huge amount of time to get myself in peak shape (DUH!) but at least I am on my way. By the time the new school year dawns I will no longer be pudgy mom of four, but at least somewhat reasonably in shape mom of a high schooler and a kindergartener.