Friday, January 18

My Family

I finally got my children all together for portraits and to put together a shot for our New Years Cards. This one is not the one on the card, but one of my favorites.

Sunday, January 6


My family and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. The contrast from last year to this year was amazing. It was such a relaxing and joyful time unmarred by drama and chaos...we remarked on it so many times that it became our motto "It's so much more Christmas-y this year!"
Last year, although I didn't blog about it, was wrought with drama and was marred midway by sadness and anger and then progressed into release and freedom. (The particulars aren't necessary, just the message) Holy Spirit took our family on a path that required death of self, forgiveness (for our hearts' benefit) and eventually release. We as parents were forced to introduce the harsh truth of what happens when someone you have loved and trusted breaks that and heads into rebellion and deception. We were completely honest with them about the sin that had happened and the things that followed. It broke all of our hearts. And we said "goodbye" to that relationship. This all happened as we were also saying "goodbye" to GreatGrandma. It was a very difficult time.
But, as all paths do, there finally came a bend in the path, it started leading us into different areas of freedom. It reminded us that we have to guard our hearts against sin and yet still be hopeful for redemption for those who are walking terrible paths by choice. It encouraged us to cling to truth and honesty, to look for the fruit of the person and not the words of their mouths. It provided a practical lesson for our children, that you must side with truth and The Word at all costs, regardless of rejection and sentimentality (Sometimes people that we love will do very bad/wrong/sinful things and we must be willing to stand for truth regardless of the world's stand on it) It also allowed us to teach them that we can line up with those in truth even if it is the unpopular choice and come out better for it.

As I sat at lunch with my family I reflected on the path of the past and the message that our pastor gave at church today I had such a deep sense of peace for the coming of the toxic issues of last year, removed from the drama and stress and happily engaged in a life full of peace and joy. And I proclaim "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Tuesday, January 1

Heading into the new year

The path may seem a bit foggy and unclear, but the road still remains. As we head into 2008 I am taking a few minutes to look forward..we so often look back at the "good ole days" that in the scope of reality were just the old days. Sure, some things great happened. Yes, we did lose a few friends and family along the way that are still missed today. But while we were in those days they were just like these days...they were life. So I am looking forward to what it is that I can do to make the coming days, weeks, months and years not only memorable but also meaningful.
  • This year, in 2008, my second daughter will turn 13 (in two days). She is a teenager now, along with the oldest. My hope is to help her establish a more positive self esteem and to learn to love herself just as she is. I hope for her success and accomplishment in all areas of interest. I hope for her to make some deep and nourishing friendships.
  • This year my youngest turns 5 years old. She will start Kindergarten in the fall, a fact that is mentioned by her weekly with excitement and joy. My goal is to encourage that excitement, to feed that joy and prepare her (and myself) to enter the doors of her classroom with confidence and be okay with a touch of sadness.
  • This year my son will turn nine years old. He, being my only boy, will grow in ways that I do not yet know or am able to predict. He is learning french in school, he writes in cursive, he reads voraciously, he is a gentleman (I find him often standing holding the door for countless people just because he knows its a meaningful gesture) he is a whiz at computer games and continues to astound me in so many ways. He is a soccer kid. I do not know what lies ahead, but I look forward to watching him.
  • This year my oldest will finish middle school and enter her first year of high school. My goals for her are to encourage her to explore as many avenues of talent, interest and joy as we can find and not let her fears, insecurities nor challenges keep her from trying. I hope for her to keep and nourish wonderful friendships that carry her throughout her school career.
  • This year my husband and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage. My only hope is that we have a continued life of the joy and love we have developed and to love each other more and better.

Happy New Year and Blessings to you and your family!

NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for (Heb. 11:1a)