Sunday, September 21

My Son

This month has been choke full of life. My only son had his 9th birthday, and while I'll not wax poetic about how it seems like yesterday he was a tiny bundle of joy and cuddles...I will honor him with a quick post about all that is embodied in a boy of this age.
My son is:
Pokemon cards (200 +)
Webkinz (15)
Wii (2 new games)
(wants to be an artist and a photographer when he grows up)
Spy games
Silly voices
Dancing crazy
Begging me not to leave for a few hours with friends
(yes, he's still quite attached to me)

Life is never boring being the Mom of a 9 year old boy. And it keeps getting better and better.
My Son.

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Wednesday, September 3

Constructive purposes

yard wide web
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When I went outside to grab the newspaper I noticed this beautiful spider web hanging between my tree and the shrubs. Its pattern, though not perfect, was done with obvious diligence.

Life, as we all know, goes by too fast. We spend our days trying to get as much done as we can in the limited hours we are awake. Our children complain that life is too slow. "That's too far away" is an often heard complaint around here when we talk about an upcoming event. In this life God has granted, I find that I fall short much too often in areas of importantance...but somehow I accomplish many trivial tasks merely because I can. I have decided to focus on more of the meaningful things in life in my day to day workings. I want to take more time for quiet time with my Bible and communion with the Lord. I want to sow into relationships in a way that blesses them. I want to know that when I look back at these days that I did more than make sure I caught the Today show regularly or see that my health is greatly improved to reflect a godly stewardship of the body God has given to me.