Wednesday, March 3

Today: March 03, 2010

Today we celebrate.  Today we celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday...she is now 7.  SEVEN!  She, in all her seven-ness, has requested for lunch a McDonald's cheeseburger-ketchup only.  She has asked to have Dr. Pepper for her lunch drink.  She has chosen Krispy Kreme for the class snack (her's being the only one that is chocolate iced and custard filled) She has chosen to wear her new outfit that Daddy took her to buy yesterday on their special Daddy/Daughter shopping trip.  She fell asleep listening to the iPod her bought for is, of course, PINK.  She has another loose tooth, this will be her 7th lost tooth.  She told her Daddy last night, with a choked up voice, that "Today was terrible, and then there was you and it was all great" and then she hugged him. And held him and she teared up.  And he teared up.  And then she smiled a glorious and loving smile and put in her earbuds and walked off to bed.  Yep, she's a bit dramatic...nothing bad had happened that day, but she couldn't find the words to say how special her time with Daddy....terrible to great was the only analogy that she could find.  It got the point across.  :)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I'm off to buy a webkinz, book a party and then call Stacey for a long ago promised cake.