Friday, October 31

Taking a minute to catch up

As I wrote a bit ago, I've been focusing on constructive purposes. I have been working quite a few hours, keeping up with the housework, and spending time with friends and family. My husband has been on vacation for the past week so we've spent time with him during the day when all the kids have been in school.
Moments celebrated:
Bria turned 15. She is now legally allowed to learn to drive.
Halloween trick or treating (happening as I type...Aunt Jill is taking them)
Ryan went to the Barn swings with the older kids for the first time (a huge priviledge)
Niki wrote and performed two songs with one of the bands in our youth group (made me cry with pride and touched my spirit very deeply...a longer post about this later)

I'll work on some photos and try to get them posted this weekend. Until then, I've missed you and hope to be back more often as things begin to slow down.