Friday, June 30


Today is a big day....You probably are going to have a day like this real soon. It's heralded with pomp and circumstance, much anticipation and excitement. I am going to go to Walmart AND Target by MYSELF! I know, control your envy, your day will be here soon. It's such a glorious day, I think I will even put on a cute skirt and makeup and maybe even wear my newer flip flops. I so look forward to these trips that gives me a chance to go out in the world and talk to new people (or not talk to them if I don't want to) and see new scenery for a little while. I enjoy seeing the new products in all the sections of the stores, picking them up, viewing them from afar or both. Sometimes I'll make a day of it and even let the kids come along, because it's not always about being alone, although the trip in and out of the bathroom by myself is quite a glorious experience, it's about being out of the house. I'm not a homebody by anyone's definition, but I do have to be around the house more often during the summer months since the kids have things to do, I have things to do, and there's not enough money in the world to feed them fast food everyday...Nor is it healthy for them. During the school months, I have only one little bloglet during the day to go and do or play with...And it's a bit easier to run here or there. So, I'm going to go get ready for my adventure and maybe even splash on a little perfume, get myself a cup of coffee and make my lists and my plans.

Thursday, June 29


I am a sahm, a mix of homemaker, chef (well, reheater most times), wife, mother, teacher, facilitator, mediator, role model, mentor, launderdress, scrapbooker, reader, writer and so much more...But sometimes so much less. Some days I enjoy just letting the kids run rampant and do as they wish (with-in reason) just to see what they come up with. Today is one of those days. I have watched them make their own breakfasts (except Christine who needed a little assistance with the milk for her cereal), watched the two olders make mac and cheese for all of them, listened to them play games, dance to music, sing and have conversations. It is an eye opening experience sometimes to just sit back and listen....
conversation btwn Ryan and Christine
Ryan: Say the numbers after me
Christine: Ok....
R: 1 (echo 1) 2, (2), 3, (3).....(I'm tired....) 30, (30)...
R: now say c a t
C: c a t
R: great! You spelled cat!

(Now, I know what we just witnessed was parroting...And that's ok...Because it wasn't about learning, it was about leadership. Ryan was putting forth his ability to instruct and lead and have someone who knows less than he does. And she, knowing that he knows so much, was willing to copy him. It was about relationship. It was about letting Ryan be a good role model and about letting him have a say in what their conversation was going to be about. )

Bria and Niki (in kitchen together)
Bria: mom, may i make some mac and cheese for everyone for lunch?

Me: sure, do you know what you are doing?
B: yes, the box has directions
Me: ok...Ask if you need anything
B: (eyes rolling slightly) ok, but I won't need anything
Niki (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what pan do i use?

Me (eyes rolling slightly) the medium one
B: ok....
N (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what temperature do i cook on to make the water boil

Me: put it on 7 or 8 (high)
N (mumble, mumble,mumble)
B: how do i know when the macaroni is done?

Me: take one out of the pan, blow on it and taste it...If its tender, then it's done
N(mumble, mumble, laugh)
B: do i need to use the strainer?

Me: yes
B: which one?
Me: the big one
N (laugh, mumble, laugh, laugh,mumble)
B: hey, everyone, I made mac and cheese all by myself!

Me: (yep, all by herself...LOL)

And so the day goes....Stay tuned for more fun musings.

Happy Sahm


My Name is Jean. I have four bloglets (children) who help to give me job security as a SAHM (Stay at home mom) They are Bria (almost 13) Niki (11) Ryan (6 3/4) and Christine (3). I have been Married to DH (darling hubby) for 15 years and loving it. We live in a Midwest state with a wonderful church body and great school system. I have chosen to begin blogging my day to day for a number of reasons.

The first reason to chronicle is due to my memory...After four kids, I think I have begun to forget some of the day to day happenings, much to my children's chagrin since they are always asking "how old was I when...." And "did I ever" to which I stare blankly and smile and say..."Um, check the baby book" or "go look in your scrapbook".

The second reason to chronicle: the journals I started with each child lay dusty and neglected on my shelf. They have sporadic entries after a certain date due to time flying by without time to update in handwritten penmenship. (argh!)

The third reason to chronicle: Because I can, I will blog...I will share and I will accept comments as long as they are nice :)

So, that's me....And that's my plan...Where it leads....Who knows, but at least I'll have fun getting there.