Monday, March 31

Horsing Around

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Yesterday we finally had a birthday party for young Christi. It was horse themed (duh!) at a local park board owned farm. There were wonderful animals for the kids to pet, watch and learn about. The park was great, the staff wonderful and best of all, the kids got to pet a mini-horse named bandit. The cupcakes ended up being a great last minute order...I had planned on asking Stacy to do it, but then when we were hit with snow days, flooding and every other weather phenom...well, it just made it easier to walk in the day before, order the horse themed cupcakes. I'm sure Stacy's would have been better, but at least I didn't have to make them. :)

Sunday, March 23

Eggcellent color

Eggcellent color
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The kids and I spent time last night coloring eggs for our Easter deviled eggs....there's something signifcant about using our eggs that celebrate resurrection to make eggs named after the devil. :)

I thought the eggs turned out rather beautiful. The trick? Sharpies! Yep, drawing on the eggs before coloring them made them rather vivid and special.

Happy Easter! And though Easter isn't about eggs, chocolate bunnies nor jelly is a fun way to celebrate such a joyous day.

Monday, March 3

Happy birthday Christine

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Yep! She's 5. And beautiful. And she prayed for snow for her birthday. And...I made a PRETTY cake. I'll post a photo soon. ;)