Saturday, November 25

Saturday Photo Hunt: Time I admit it...I ran short on TIME and am just now getting around to posting my entry (hee hee). So here is my photo

Arrival "Time"

This is my dad with my youngest two sisters in the NICU in 1978. They were born six weeks early, weighing in @ 2 and 3 pounds (and some odd ounces). The spent quite a few weeks in the hospital before being released due to premature birth problems. But, as TIME passed, they grew, thrived and are now both moms. As a matter of fact, the one on the left is going with me to Cancun in a little over a week.

Friday, November 17

two..two...two posts in one!

A quick post before I head off to accomplish more wonderful and amazing tasks. OK, so maybe not necessarily wonderful nor amazing, but tasks none-the-less. I have been going full steam ahead since last week, but I am getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel. I have worked two "Holiday Bazaars" with one more tomorrow for my business doing orders for my photography side line business, subbing for three days (one more day on Monday) for a friend and taking care of the house and home. (Yes, house and home are two different is where we live, home is who we are.) I'll try to come up with some funny stories next week when I haven't used all my energy on the above tasks, until then, here's my PhotoHunt entry:


This is where I am headed in two weeks. Yippee! I always feel like I'm living the plush and pampered life when we are here (Cancun)

Saturday, November 11

Saturday Photo hunt: Growth

I posted this a little while back on my other blog...but it's perfect for this subject so here it is...

Tabblo: Moving Through Childhood...

Moving through chubby cheeks, lost teeth, bad hair styles, retro fashions and all that it entails...but the most amazing thing to note is that throughout my childhood, until the last four photos, each photo was taken in a different school in a different town...sometimes in a different state....Taking me to 14 schools, five states and 32 houses. Moving is the very definition of my childhood years.

... See my Tabblo>

Wednesday, November 8

Love Thursday

As inspired by Irene, I am listing some of my favorite nods to love:

Favorite Love movie : Return to Me
Favorite Love Song: Something We Do (Clint Black)
I remember well the day we wed I can see that picture in my head I still believe the words we said Forever will ring true Love is certain, love is kind Love is yours and love is mine But it isn't somethin' that we find It's somethin' that we do It's holdin' tight, lettin' go It's flyin' high and layin' low Let your strongest feelin' show And your weekness too It's a little and alot to ask An endless and a welcome task Love isn't somethin' that we have It's somethin' that we do Chorus: We helped to make eachother all that we can be Though we can find our strength and inspiration independently

The way we work together is what sets our love apart So closely that we can't tell where I end and where you start It gives me heart rememberin' how We started with a simple vow There's so much to look back on now Still it feels brand new We're on a road that has no end And each day we begin again Love's not just somethin' that we're in It's somethin' that we do Chorus Love is wide, love is long Love is deep and love is strong Love is why I love this song And I hope you love it too I remember well the day we wed I can see that picture in my head Love isn't just those words we said It's somethin' that we do There's no request too big or small We give ourselves, we give our all Love isn't someplace that we fall It's somethin' that we do

Favorite Love gift :bouquet of flowers dh have me that had a flower that started with a letter of my name to completely spell out my first name.
Favorite Love picture

Monday, November 6

Packing my sunblock

Caribbean Travel Links

Dh and I, along with sis and her dh, are one month from our paradise retreat. We are chucking the kids aside and grabbing our Bullfrog sunscreen and flip flops and heading south. Which also gives me one month to lose as much weight as I can and still remain healthy. (yep...halloween candy is now safe around me...I have a bigger picture to keep in my mind).

Friday, November 3

Saturday Photo Hunt

This the house that was built by Rose Wilder Lane for her parents, Almazo and Laura (Ingalls) Wilder. Each part of the house was chosen specifically by Rose for this house. When it was built, it was of the highest quality. The house plans were ordered from JC Penny, as was all the furniture and decorations. I love the WINDOWS that Rose has installed, for she wanted her parents to be able to look out and see the hills and surrounding acreage.

Wednesday, November 1

Love Thursday

In honor of Love Thursday, I thought I would dedicate this post to what Mommy will do to make little one laugh and to share that "bonding quality time".

While my three olders are away at school, young one needs a playmate sometimes. Someone who will be silly and fun. Someone who wants to just play. Sometimes, that someone needs to be me...many, many, many sometimes. One day, little one decided that she wanted to start giving mommy makeovers, just like she sees her older two sisters do with their friends. So, she asked, I felt her need to "create" and she was done..she said..."Oh, look just like a princess, we need to take a picture!"

And here we are making some loving, yet silly, faces. Happy Love Thursday...and try not to be jealous, she's available for free consultations on Thursdays and Fridays.

Happy Trick or Treaters

Here are pics of my youngest bloglets in their "Door-to-door asking for candy" ensembles.
Christi as a cowgirl, riding her horse
Ryan as Obi Wan Keno bi...Homemade costume since he decided at the last minute on his costume.

We all had fun, Daddy was even off work to go with us. Afterward, we went to a family style restaurant to eat a nice leisurely dinner...and PIE.

Friday, October 27

Saturday Photo Hunt....Safe

"Safe"! In honor of our Redbirds! Go Cards!

I've been out of commission for a time, but i'm back and ready to play again. This week's theme is "Safe". This was taken at a game two summers ago in the old stadium.

To play photo hunt, click here.

Friday, October 6

Tabblo: Maisy, Maisy...Maisy Mouse

Everyone but Daddy likes to read in this family....anytime we are in a bookstore I can find each child sitting and reading, regardless of it being the floor, a stepladder or anyplace that encourages a "sit down and read" thought. :)

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Thursday, October 5

Love Thursday

Love Thursday
Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

This is a photo I took during a family portrait shoot. I love the hand that holds the trust, love and security of the little boy. This is love long awaited, joy fulfilled and peace of security knowing that this hand will always be here for him.

Friday, September 22

Where have I been

Well, things finally hit full gear around here for awhile, which means that I have been GOING full steam ahead. Just a little of what has been happening. Ryan turned 7, so of course there was a big party. We had 21 guests for the party. He got far too many gifts, played games with all his guests and had a great time. Christy started gymnastics. She loves, loves, loves gymnastics...and is really great at it already. We are very blessed to have the same teacher for her that both of my older girls had to start out. She is wonderful, Christy loves her. I've started working a little, been visiting with Jean 2 and Jean 3, had a little bit of extra work to do around the house. We are now a few short months from our Mexico vacation, and exactly a month from my oldest darling having her 13th birthday. School is going great for all the kids. Ryan has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow. WHEW! I'm wore out. Now that I've done the catch up, I will work on posting at least every to every other day little tidbits again of my life. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment...because we all know that comments make us feel a little more validated in our journaling. :) For those of you afraid to comment, don't be! Learn from Stacey who is a wonderful commenter.

Tabblo: What we've been up to

Ryan's birthday party, Chrisy's gymnastics, Bria and Nicki are getting older and I'm just trying to keep up with them all

... See my Tabblo>

Thursday, September 21

Love Thursday

This morning my darling husband helped me come up with my Love Thursday
Well, after a hellaceous morning yesterday with kids floundering in the "get ready for school routine" and my losing my temper due to having to coax them along a bit too much, Hubby decided to surprise me by taking morning duty. He got up early, got the two older girls up and was making sure they were moving on time.'s to you, Darling Hubby. HAPPY LOVE THURSDAY.

Wednesday, September 20

Jean 3 and I (Jean 1) took our darling daughter's to a tea party while the olders were in school yesterday. They had so much fun, and so did we. The food was great, the atmophere wonderful and our girls...well, they were absolutely darling. We also ended up seeing Jean 2's mom, sister and nephew. Popular Place! I wish I could have done things like this with my older two girls when they were this age.

Tabblo: Two for tea and tea for two...

Fine china, pretty hats, stuffed pals and a good friend...the makings of a Perfect Tea Party.

September 19, 2006

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Have a great day.

Monday, September 18

Daddy's Hand

Daddy's Hand
Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

This is my photo from Love Thursday. Since I was having problems getting a photo on my site I put it on flickr...but wanted to get it to my site for those of you who are unable to get to flickr.

Saturday, September 16

Saturday Photo Hunt: Looking up blogger is messing up lately, not allowing me to upload any images... I have put it in a Tabblo. Enjoy. This is the steam pipe of the riverboat we were on as we were about to go under the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Thursday, September 14

Daddy's hand

Happy Love Thursday! Since Blogger won't load my picture, i've included a link here to view it.

Monday, September 11

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today, my boy is seven. He. is. 7. I am so happy for him (of course) but I am truly struggling with my boy getting older. He is still the boy that needs kisses before I put him to bed. He still needs me to sing and pray with him nightly. He still looks out the window when I leave him home and blows me hugs and kisses. He is still my little boy. But I know that those days are so numbered...Soon he'll be too old for that stuff. He already told me that he's too old for character underwear. What! Too old for Spiderman underwear??? He loves to play with his toys, but he's migrating toward Playstation 2 and away from his Thomas Train table. This year he asked for Sushi instead of Chuck E Cheese. This, I have a feeling, is going to be a year of big changes. I know that this is the plan God has laid out for him, and that the path he is on is the right one, a path toward independence and maturity....oh, but for a little longer that he remain my little boy!

Saturday, September 9

Saturday Photo Hunt: Food

Tabblo: Food

My daughter

kept saying

"I'm not tired,

I'm eating"


... See my Tabblo>

If you'd like to join the photo hunt click here

Saturday, September 2

Saturday Photo Hunt: On the Road

Click the button to Join the Photo Hunt


This is my son's first ride with my husband on his bike. He was so excited to finally be tall enough to reach the pegs for his feet. Daddy was also excited to finally have a chance to share his bike with his son.

**For Ps Hunters who are blogger but not beta blogger, I tried to comment if I put my link in your autolinks, but was not allowed..I only link if I am planning to comment. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Saturday, August 26

Saturday Photo Hunt: Blue

click the photo hunt button for more info

This is a photo standing at the northeast corner of the St. Louis Arch with a Blue Sky as the background. I love this photo for many reasons, the angle, the contrast and the way that you can't even see the numerous windows that are at the top of the arch where people were looking down at us. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 19

Saturday Photo Hunt :YOUTH

This is my daughter and my mother in the hospital the day after she was born. To me, there isn't anything that says youth like a newborn in her grandma's arms.

click here if you want to join us!

Tuesday, August 15


My youngest bloglet is very independent. She has three olders who make her want to be able to do things that are not quite normal for a three year old. Things like cooking, laundry (not folding, but actually washing) driving and such. She is irritated by the words "when you get bigger" and "when you are a little older". She has worked her way into getting them to let her help do dishes and put clothes in the dryer and even TRIED to convince me that she is big enough to drive. So when it comes to getting dressed, this is something that she does not like help doing. But, and this is an exception, she has had one shirt that has alluded her buttoning and snapping skills. She often gets mad before she admits it and lets me help her. She has yelled at her shirt, thrown her shirt and cried. WHY WON'T THIS SHIRT BUTTON? I have explained that the button holes are kinda small and the buttons are kinda big, which makes it a tough one to button, but that has never satisfied her. She always chooses the shirt and then struggles with the buttons....Until this week. This week she decided that the shirt was "going down". {yep, those were her words...Learned from brother bloglet} So she pushed, she pulled, she would take a break and start again....And Finally:

SHE DID IT. SHE WON. SHE CAME. SHE SAW. SHE BUTTONED. That one button brought her so much satisfaction that she wanted me to take a picture to show that she finally did it! So Congratulations...You've got the competition ALL BUTTONED UP!

Saturday, August 12

Saturday Photo Hunt: Funny

This is one of Christi as she watched the toilet water swirl and swirl and swirl....She probably sat there about 20 minutes....

- This is my son playing dress up with his sister....Oh boy...he said he was doing his "giggly girly laugh"

This is my oldest posing for a pic for the yearbook....

This picture is of my two oldest bloglets sharing my jacket at the drive-in...They thought they were so funny each putting an arm in the jacket.

Wednesday, August 9

It's a boy!

There are certain sentences that I have said only in relation my son...
  • Ummm, sorry, my son thinks he's a dinosaur
  • Could you please stop making that buzzing noise?
  • No, you can't have a frog in your room
  • No, you cannot have a straw to drink the syrup
  • Please stop snorting!
  • Quit using your sister's Barbie head for a soccer ball
  • Use your words not growling
  • No...Blue shoes, black socks and brown pants DO NOT match.

And this is just in the first seven years of life....I'll keep you updated. :)

Saturday, August 5

This is my entry for this weeks theme: Money

Currency #1: School supplies and school clothes

Currency #2: Receipts for gas, eating out and various supplies

Currency #3: What is left when all is said and done!

Friday, July 28

Things I love, like, put up with, find funny and whatever else pops into my mind

1. Sarcasms....No, I'm not sarcastic, why do you ask?
2. Ironic humor...Funny isn't it?
3. Poetic Justice...Something about it just feels right.
4. 82 degree days....Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...Downright Balmy!
5. The word balmy....Just sounds heavenly
6. Finding a good deal...Bargain hunter at heart
7. Locking my friends out of the car until they tell me that they love me...Ok, so it's sick too, but hey....Oh well!
8. Tennis. Nothing funny about that unless you know that I've avoided sports for much of my life.
9. Veggie Tales. They crack me up. Try watching Silly Songs with Larry and not at least crack a smile.
10. When my three year old says "Are you kidding me? You got to be kidding me" (typed the way she says it).
11. The office. They "ARE A HOOT!"
12. The words "a hoot"...Jean 2 says it all the time
13. The words "et up"...Used in a sentence [by jean 2] He's "et up" with jealousy.
14. Roseanne show...If you know either Jean 1 (me) or Jean 2 (her) you're not surprised.
15. Scrubs...Watch it, it cracks me up.
16. The scene in Airplane where June Cleaver is speaking ebonics to the basketball stars....I bet the Beav would have loved it.
17. My friends, I love to laugh (duh!)
18. My Dh...Most days he's funny, somedays he's material for "Everybody Loves Raymond"
19. My son doing his "Junk World" talk...He's weird sometimes, but gotta love him.
20. My kids...They are a huge laugh!
21. This face....
22. Crazy Mama's blog....yep, she's a "hoot".

Wednesday, July 26

Photo Hunt

This is my shot for Action

This is my son and his friend running at playtime. I love the way her hair is flying behind her and you can see the full shadow of my son on the cement...It is truly "life in Action".

This is my entry for Pets/Animals

This is Christine with her (all the kids...but she loves him most) dog Levi....When I told the dog to "go to bed" she decided that he looked lonely, so she got in with him. Dog's best friend!

Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.Photo Theme. Join the blogroll. Visit participants.

Monday, July 24

link to do your own "I am from" poem

Operation Evasive maneuvers

I have had company this weekend...Which has left me little time or privacy to blog. Right now I am hunched in the back of my closet behind my long hanging clothes typing as quietly as possible. Why? Picture the show "Everybody Loves Raymond". I will explain my reasons from hiding using the show. Ready?

Scene: Kitchen table in Debra Barrone's home. Debra is sitting at the kitchen table reading her blogs and, just as she pulls up a comment section in a often visited blog, in walks Marie Barrone (her MIL)

Marie: Are you on your computer again?
Debra :Uh, yes. Just thought I'd do a little reading for a few minutes.
Marie: (looking around the kitchen and noticing the two dishes in the sink) What are you reading?
Debra: Oh, just an article.
Marie: Is it a news article?
Debra: No, just an essay.
Marie: Oh. What kind of essay can you find? Is it by someone you know? (looking confused)
Debra: No. (not technically, we haven't met yet, but she doesn't want to expose new online friend to her MIL's prying eyes)
Marie: (walking over toward the laptop) What's it about?
Debra: (quickly clicking a link of someone she DOESN'T know) Just about taking pictures...
Marie: (bored with that topic) Oh. (Sits down next to Debra to watch)
Debra: You can use this if you want, I need to go change over the laundry. (I'll have to blog later)

[later, now in the bedroom using another computer. In walks FIL]
Frank: Hey, what are you doing in here all by yourself?
Debra: Oh, nothing...Just messing around (closes blog windows and gets up from computer)
Frank: Just checking your email?
Debra: Huh? Oh, sort of, was actually just checking on something.
Frank: Ah. What are we doing for dinner?
Debra: (deep breath) Let's go see.

[much later, interior of bedroom closet, lights off, hiding behind long hanging clothes]
Debra: {whispers to self} Let's see them find me now! (begins a blog titled "Operation Evasive maneuvers)

:) More to follow later....I've been discovered by a bloglet.

My adordable 3 yr. old

My darling young one is going to be gifted in shopping, as a matter of fact, I think she just might even be a savant. She is only 3 and has such an eye for deals and the most "adordable" clothes ever! Of coures, she also knows how to "work a deal" as her daddy says.
Christine: "please mommy, it's the most adordable shirt I ebber saw! Can I have it please? I want it really really really bad".
Mommy: "uh, no. It's too big for you.
Christine: "that's ok, I'll save it. I will just hold it until it fits."
Mommy: "Nooooo, I don't think it will work."
Christine: "Oh! Did you see THIS? It's the most adordable one I ebber saw!"

Sunday, July 23

This is a link to my past posts and to others that I have followed. This is just to keep my sidebar from being to long. Feel free to click the "link" and check out some of the other blogs.
I have posted a few of my posts from another site that is private for sensitive reasons. But I was encouraged to post a few of these posts to share, so rather than give out that site, I have copied them to this site. So to the two people allowed access to the other site, you may skip over the next few posts...To the others here's a window into my serious side.

Just a note...There are many things I want to post at this moment, but I am unable to do so at this time, I will explain tomorrow. :)

Promises of God

The Promises of God are Yes and Amen
I find myself immersed in the thought of what are the promises for me at this present time? What is it that God has already said "yes" to for my life, my kids, my marriage, my friends. Sil dealing with MS...What is His promise for her? Pastor dealing with tumors and upcoming surgery, what is His promise for her? For our family, where will we be in a year, five years, ten? What about the parents? They are growing older, dealing with debt and struggle....What has He laid aside for them, planned for them? Will they continue to struggle, is there a deliverance for them, am I going to end up with responsibility for them and their lives? What part do I play in the promises that have been made? Am I a hindrance or a help. Do my answers to how I deal with the questions of life change the promise or am I merely a vessel that is being moved to fulfill them? I desire to speak and bring truth to those around me, but in the process am I finding truth myself, am I seeking truth to the level that I am finding the answers? What do I hope that the promises are? Some of the answers are easy...My kids to be healthy and happy, my marriage to sustain and grow, my friends to find truth and happiness, my family (sis/bro/parents...Both sides) to find a peace and deliverance from their struggles, for healing to come to those who I love that are dealing with illness and disease and pain. The harder ones are still under the surface. I want financial security, but am I willing to pursue it at the cost of my sacrifice? I want a tidy home, but how much do I want to work at it? I want to be healthier and thinner (alot) but how much work am I going to pour into it? These are the wants, but are they promises that God has for me or merely a journey that will continue that is supposed to grow and develop my Spirit? I sometimes just want a glimpse into the plan so I could plot a course toward it, but then again I know that faith does not work that way....Although it does seem like it would be a bit more inspiring if I could see where I was headed, unless it is a place of deep hurt and sorrow. And then it bring up the questions, what if the things I find easy to hope for are not at all a part of God's promises for me. What if my desire for my kids to live happy and fulfilled lives instead is a hard life that is used to develop them? What if my parents not only continue to struggle and decay in their health but also fall into a deeper pit?That's where "where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord" springs into my mind and I return to the thought that if I ask for a promise and God gives me one, then I can bank on it, since God is not a man that He should lie...It HAS to happen. And if I ask for a promise, and one is not received, then I have to trust that God will do what is best for the person, situation and life that is at stake. So I guess it all comes down to trusting God and seeing His work as a "work in progress" only from my perspective and that all has been accomplished in the mind and eye of Him.


Yesterday I was brought, once again, face to face with many of the blessings of my life. First, the fact that I have LIFE and that it is abundant in so many areas: friends, family, church body, fun, financial provision, growing relationships, faith, health, deliverance....I am truly wealthy in these areas. And then Holy Spirit asked me deeper questions..."If they come from me, aren't the hard things blessings too?" "If I brought you from death then isn't the fact that you know you were walking in death a blessing too?" What about having been in poverty, then the knowledge of what poverty is...That is a blessing, to know it, have tasted it and know that I do not want to return to it. Rejection is a blessing that has taught me to love without end, to not reject and to have mercy beyond my desire. Self righteousness...To have been there is a blessing that taught me to be humble and teachable. Humiliation, has taught me to not have ungodly pride and arrogance. Unloveable, this is a blessing that saved my life in a dramatic way...It taught me that I am not above anyone, and that God had a plan for my marriage that was dependent on me becoming open and giving regardless of my fleshly plan for my life. My 4 J's were in a plan of blessing that gave me a true understanding of what Godly love is like and that my life has meaning beyond myself. I find myself going over and over the things that are nice but they often fall short of the "blessing" title and setting my mind on the concepts, the people, the ups and the downs that have brought me to this place...I can see each part of my life, the ugly, the nice, the mean, the loving, the sin and the LIFE and see it all as blessing that made me who I am supposed to be right now and the director that will color the rest of my life. And now it hits me, I always tell my kids when they leave me for a time (school, church, friends house) to "be a blessing" and I am awed to realize that God tells me that each day and that I am a blessing regardless of how the day turns out, He designed me to BE A BLESSING and not to just be blessed. Thank you Lord, for making me a blessing.Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;where there is hatred, let me sow love;where there is injury, pardon;where there is doubt, faith;where there is despair, hope;where there is darkness, light;and where there is sadness, joy.O Divine Master,grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;to be understood, as to understand;to be loved, as to love;for it is in giving that we receive,it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.Amen. St. Francis of Assisi

I am from....

I am from....
I am from playing in the hose in the yard, listening to Shawn Cassidy on the little red and white checkered record player, and climbing trees in the back yard, from Mountain Berry Kool-Aid, Pac man, Wonder Bread, Oscar Meyer Bologna and Miracle Whip sandwiches and Trixie Belden Mysteries.I am from California, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, and Missouri, from 14 schools, 32 houses and forgotten rooms.I am from the pomegranate trees, strawberry bushes and the tree in the backyard with the perfect spot to hide and read.I am from opening one gift on Christmas eve and sneaking up on Christmas morning to check out the stockings and the Monday nights longing for Little House but watching Monday night football, from Nannie and Popa and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill, and Aunt Jinx and Uncle Olan.I am from watching races on TV, watching the daytime “stories” and staying up too late to sneak in more reading and hiding out under the covers when things got scary.From “be nice to your sister” and “because I said so”.I am from Warika Baptist and “Because He lives“ and the rapture painting on the wall in Nannie‘s house. I am from riding the bus to church and going to VBS and church camps, from Cantatas and youth group and Barn Swings.I'm from Fresno via the Indian reservation and Germany and from Sparta in the country and California during the Big war, from homemade ice cream in the crank handle bucket and brown beans and cornbread and fried potatoes, from biscuits and gravy and open faced sandwiches and meatloaf, from Hamburger Helper and Porcupines.From the time I got lost on the ferry on the way to visit an uncle on an island with Nancy, from sleeping in cousin Kim‘s bed and thinking that she lived like a princess, from spending countless nights with Patti, staying up playing “spite and malice" and drinking Kool-Aid from Tupperware cups with lids and saltines with miracle whip, from sitting on the church steps after school and knowing it was time to head home when Don drove by from getting the mail on the way home from work.I am from faded picture albums and zip locks of smoky clippings, from candle collections and countless records of Conway Twitty and Hank Jr, from paper reindeer and popsicle snowflakes and a faded angel, from woodworking tools and a 30 year old station wagon and a jar of nuts and bolts, from a flower box with birth certificates and savings bonds and scrapbooks

Wednesday, July 19

Catch up

Dh has been off work for a few days to make up for working on the 4th of July. It was a nice concept, a little of well earned family time to do some fun things, but fell short in execution due to heat index. These are plans that I had formed in my hot little head :
1. Putt putt (kids love, love, love this) TOO HOT
2. Swimming at aunt G's house TOO HOT
3. Bowling (did this but then went home after one game since alley was warm inside)
4. Tennis (lasted an hour tues. Morning with sweat DRIPPING from my head @ 8:30 am)

So, I tell the kids I will take them to the library. WRONG! It was closed due to a broken air conditioner. (enter pouty, bored faces)

We did end up staying home all of Sunday (except for church of course) and all of Monday (except the 45 minutes at the bowling alley) but finally made it SOMEWHERE Tuesday...We took the kids swimming in the creek. I should say DH took the kids swimming in the creek while I sat in a sports chair in the shade with my feet in the water (no way I am putting on a bathing suit in front of someone other than family or close friends). Since the creek is spring fed it was cold....Really cold, and the family loved it. We were with a couple who lives in a neighborhood south of us. It was nice, we ate dinner and then headed home where we worked on the flower bed.

Today, Dh is back to work, we are back to normal and the library is reopened. (cleansing breath).

Thursday, July 13

Thanks, but I'll ask for your opinion if I want it!

I have a confession to make. Here goes, hope you can handle it.....I have four kids. Yep, four. For some reason, especially at Walmart or Target or the Mall people somehow feel compelled to comment on my extraordinary family. For some reason people are overwhelmed with the idea of four kids. Here are the top five comments I have received in the last six months:
5. Four kids?!? (said incredulously)
4. Wow, looks like you have your hands full. (huh, does it look like I'm trying to carry them all?)
3. Only one boy, poor little guy. (Yes, poor him...Life would be SO MUCH calmer with another boy)
2. Haven't you figured out how that happens? (Duh! I enjoy perfecting something I'm obviously good at)
1. Better you than me! (With that attitude, I'm glad it's me and not you!)
and the one that got the asinine award: You remind me of the lady in Arkansas with 17 kids. (huh? Did I miss something in college? Are the numbers 4 and 17 nearer in the number line than I thought?)
Somehow, in the mind of strangers I have made myself a target for their comments. I have decided that I am going to begin responding with various responses....After all, if they are going to open themselves up, I'm going to jump right in. My new responses, feel free to use them if you want...I have a range due to ages, gender and number...Just for variety.

1. Yep, the first two ARE only 14 1/2 months apart...I believed in the Y2K theory and wanted to make sure I had at least two kids before the world ended....Didn't you?
2. Yep, the first two ARE only 14 1/2 months apart. Come on, look at me...It was bound to happen...How could DH resist this body?
3. Yes, one boy. We just wanted to make sure that I had someone to open doors for all of us girls when Daddy's not home.
4. Four kids....Those are just the ones with me. The other 13 are at home practicing the violin.
5. Four kids....We just wanted to keep going to see how many eye colors we could come up with in the family. (each child has a diff. Eye color...Spooky, huh?)
6. Four kids....I needed that many to make sure all the chores get done... One to wash dishes, one to do laundry one to vacuum and one to cook.
7. Four kids...We felt like it would be irresponsible to drive a suv in today's world unless we had enough kids to fill the seats. Just trying to be responsible.
8. Four kids....We didn't feel like it was fair of us to expect just one kid to take care of us when we get old.

Now is your turn....Let's hear some of the responses you have received and I'll post them along with any responses you would like to add.

A pic of me and littlest bloglet....Christine....

Wednesday, July 12

Wow...What a long day! I think it lasted about two weeks. I mean, come on...Enough already with the wanting to eat and needing baths, not to mention the whole supervision thing. I love summer, but when you are trying to get away to a local theme park and the weather keeps throwing thunderstorms in your path, it gets difficult to keep the bloglets from uprising. My male bloglet has asked over and over and over and over (you get the picture) "can we call _______ and see if he can come over and play" substituting name each time he asks with another possible child who may be as bored as he is. "I'll call " I say....But sadly, no one has come over yet. Oldest bloglet awoke early today (NOON) and said "I do not feel well, I think I have a fever". Yep. She did. So, poor thing, went back to sleep. Now, I do believe in sleeping if you need it, but she has been so off schedule that we will have to make her stay up all night and day one time to get her tired enough to go to bed and sleep before 4 am. Second bloglet, thanks to a dear Aunt, has decided that cooking is fun...So now she wants to cook ALL THE TIME. But is doesn't stop with wanting to cook. Oh no! She watches food network non-stop, she surfs the internet for recipes and then ask on a rotation basis if she can make something. Ok, not a huge problem if she were the type to clean up after her project (i do make her clean, but she's not great at it) or the type that read the directions closely. Oh well, at least we have youngest bloglet who still just wants to play a card game or polly pockets and is content to wear her pajamas inside out and waits for my hot coffee to cool so she can sip some. One last one who restricts her cooking to her play kitchen, who talks to friends on the plastic phone and tries to stay awake but conks out when tired and awakens at 10 am.
So I end this post with a deep breath, a silent yawn and a hope for a peaceable and lovely tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 11

Dora's Backpack

Why doesn't my purse do that for me? " Hey kids, I need something to fix this leaky pipe, say Purse!" kids yell purse and out pops an umbrella, a tire jack and a roll of plumber's tape...... OR "Oh, I'm out of money and we need to pay for this new die cut machine, say Purse!" kids say purse and out pops a fingernail file, a bottle of nail polish and a wad of cash...... Boy wouldn't that be nice! You go, Dora!

Sunday, July 2

Hippo Songs....Just for fun

This is a fun song I have sung to my kids (much to their dismay) for many years....Why? Because I know it...Enough said.

The Hippopotamus Song
Words by Michael FlandersMusic by Donald Swann and Michael Flanders

A bold Hippopotamus was standing one day
On the banks of the cool Shalimar.
He gazed at the bottom as it peacefully lay
By the light of the evening star.
Away on the hilltop sat combing her hair

His fair Hippopotamine maid.
The Hippopotamus was no ignoramus
And sang her this sweet serenade.

Mud! Mud! Glorious mud!Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So, follow me, follow, down to the hollow,
And there let us wallow in glorious mud.

The fair Hippopotamus he aimed to entice,
From here seen on the hilltop above,
As she hadn't got a ma to give her advice,
Came tip-toeing down to her love.
Like thunder the forest re-echoed the sound

Of the song that they sang as they met.
His enamorata adjusted her garter
And lifted her voice in duet.

Mud! Mud! Glorious mud!Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So, follow me, follow, down to the hollow,
And there let us wallow in glorious mud.

Now more Hippopotami began to convene
On the banks of that river so wide.
I wonder now what am I to say of the scene
That ensued by the Shalimar side?
They dived all at once with an ear-splitting splash,

Then rose to the surface again,
A regular army of Hippopotami
All singing this haunting refrain.

Mud! Mud! Glorious mud!Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So, follow me, follow, down to the hollow,
And there let us wallow in glorious mud.

Friday, June 30


Today is a big day....You probably are going to have a day like this real soon. It's heralded with pomp and circumstance, much anticipation and excitement. I am going to go to Walmart AND Target by MYSELF! I know, control your envy, your day will be here soon. It's such a glorious day, I think I will even put on a cute skirt and makeup and maybe even wear my newer flip flops. I so look forward to these trips that gives me a chance to go out in the world and talk to new people (or not talk to them if I don't want to) and see new scenery for a little while. I enjoy seeing the new products in all the sections of the stores, picking them up, viewing them from afar or both. Sometimes I'll make a day of it and even let the kids come along, because it's not always about being alone, although the trip in and out of the bathroom by myself is quite a glorious experience, it's about being out of the house. I'm not a homebody by anyone's definition, but I do have to be around the house more often during the summer months since the kids have things to do, I have things to do, and there's not enough money in the world to feed them fast food everyday...Nor is it healthy for them. During the school months, I have only one little bloglet during the day to go and do or play with...And it's a bit easier to run here or there. So, I'm going to go get ready for my adventure and maybe even splash on a little perfume, get myself a cup of coffee and make my lists and my plans.

Thursday, June 29


I am a sahm, a mix of homemaker, chef (well, reheater most times), wife, mother, teacher, facilitator, mediator, role model, mentor, launderdress, scrapbooker, reader, writer and so much more...But sometimes so much less. Some days I enjoy just letting the kids run rampant and do as they wish (with-in reason) just to see what they come up with. Today is one of those days. I have watched them make their own breakfasts (except Christine who needed a little assistance with the milk for her cereal), watched the two olders make mac and cheese for all of them, listened to them play games, dance to music, sing and have conversations. It is an eye opening experience sometimes to just sit back and listen....
conversation btwn Ryan and Christine
Ryan: Say the numbers after me
Christine: Ok....
R: 1 (echo 1) 2, (2), 3, (3).....(I'm tired....) 30, (30)...
R: now say c a t
C: c a t
R: great! You spelled cat!

(Now, I know what we just witnessed was parroting...And that's ok...Because it wasn't about learning, it was about leadership. Ryan was putting forth his ability to instruct and lead and have someone who knows less than he does. And she, knowing that he knows so much, was willing to copy him. It was about relationship. It was about letting Ryan be a good role model and about letting him have a say in what their conversation was going to be about. )

Bria and Niki (in kitchen together)
Bria: mom, may i make some mac and cheese for everyone for lunch?

Me: sure, do you know what you are doing?
B: yes, the box has directions
Me: ok...Ask if you need anything
B: (eyes rolling slightly) ok, but I won't need anything
Niki (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what pan do i use?

Me (eyes rolling slightly) the medium one
B: ok....
N (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what temperature do i cook on to make the water boil

Me: put it on 7 or 8 (high)
N (mumble, mumble,mumble)
B: how do i know when the macaroni is done?

Me: take one out of the pan, blow on it and taste it...If its tender, then it's done
N(mumble, mumble, laugh)
B: do i need to use the strainer?

Me: yes
B: which one?
Me: the big one
N (laugh, mumble, laugh, laugh,mumble)
B: hey, everyone, I made mac and cheese all by myself!

Me: (yep, all by herself...LOL)

And so the day goes....Stay tuned for more fun musings.

Happy Sahm


My Name is Jean. I have four bloglets (children) who help to give me job security as a SAHM (Stay at home mom) They are Bria (almost 13) Niki (11) Ryan (6 3/4) and Christine (3). I have been Married to DH (darling hubby) for 15 years and loving it. We live in a Midwest state with a wonderful church body and great school system. I have chosen to begin blogging my day to day for a number of reasons.

The first reason to chronicle is due to my memory...After four kids, I think I have begun to forget some of the day to day happenings, much to my children's chagrin since they are always asking "how old was I when...." And "did I ever" to which I stare blankly and smile and say..."Um, check the baby book" or "go look in your scrapbook".

The second reason to chronicle: the journals I started with each child lay dusty and neglected on my shelf. They have sporadic entries after a certain date due to time flying by without time to update in handwritten penmenship. (argh!)

The third reason to chronicle: Because I can, I will blog...I will share and I will accept comments as long as they are nice :)

So, that's me....And that's my plan...Where it leads....Who knows, but at least I'll have fun getting there.