Friday, September 22

Where have I been

Well, things finally hit full gear around here for awhile, which means that I have been GOING full steam ahead. Just a little of what has been happening. Ryan turned 7, so of course there was a big party. We had 21 guests for the party. He got far too many gifts, played games with all his guests and had a great time. Christy started gymnastics. She loves, loves, loves gymnastics...and is really great at it already. We are very blessed to have the same teacher for her that both of my older girls had to start out. She is wonderful, Christy loves her. I've started working a little, been visiting with Jean 2 and Jean 3, had a little bit of extra work to do around the house. We are now a few short months from our Mexico vacation, and exactly a month from my oldest darling having her 13th birthday. School is going great for all the kids. Ryan has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow. WHEW! I'm wore out. Now that I've done the catch up, I will work on posting at least every to every other day little tidbits again of my life. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment...because we all know that comments make us feel a little more validated in our journaling. :) For those of you afraid to comment, don't be! Learn from Stacey who is a wonderful commenter.

Tabblo: What we've been up to

Ryan's birthday party, Chrisy's gymnastics, Bria and Nicki are getting older and I'm just trying to keep up with them all

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Thursday, September 21

Love Thursday

This morning my darling husband helped me come up with my Love Thursday
Well, after a hellaceous morning yesterday with kids floundering in the "get ready for school routine" and my losing my temper due to having to coax them along a bit too much, Hubby decided to surprise me by taking morning duty. He got up early, got the two older girls up and was making sure they were moving on time.'s to you, Darling Hubby. HAPPY LOVE THURSDAY.

Wednesday, September 20

Jean 3 and I (Jean 1) took our darling daughter's to a tea party while the olders were in school yesterday. They had so much fun, and so did we. The food was great, the atmophere wonderful and our girls...well, they were absolutely darling. We also ended up seeing Jean 2's mom, sister and nephew. Popular Place! I wish I could have done things like this with my older two girls when they were this age.

Tabblo: Two for tea and tea for two...

Fine china, pretty hats, stuffed pals and a good friend...the makings of a Perfect Tea Party.

September 19, 2006

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Have a great day.

Monday, September 18

Daddy's Hand

Daddy's Hand
Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

This is my photo from Love Thursday. Since I was having problems getting a photo on my site I put it on flickr...but wanted to get it to my site for those of you who are unable to get to flickr.

Saturday, September 16

Saturday Photo Hunt: Looking up blogger is messing up lately, not allowing me to upload any images... I have put it in a Tabblo. Enjoy. This is the steam pipe of the riverboat we were on as we were about to go under the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Thursday, September 14

Daddy's hand

Happy Love Thursday! Since Blogger won't load my picture, i've included a link here to view it.

Monday, September 11

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today, my boy is seven. He. is. 7. I am so happy for him (of course) but I am truly struggling with my boy getting older. He is still the boy that needs kisses before I put him to bed. He still needs me to sing and pray with him nightly. He still looks out the window when I leave him home and blows me hugs and kisses. He is still my little boy. But I know that those days are so numbered...Soon he'll be too old for that stuff. He already told me that he's too old for character underwear. What! Too old for Spiderman underwear??? He loves to play with his toys, but he's migrating toward Playstation 2 and away from his Thomas Train table. This year he asked for Sushi instead of Chuck E Cheese. This, I have a feeling, is going to be a year of big changes. I know that this is the plan God has laid out for him, and that the path he is on is the right one, a path toward independence and maturity....oh, but for a little longer that he remain my little boy!

Saturday, September 9

Saturday Photo Hunt: Food

Tabblo: Food

My daughter

kept saying

"I'm not tired,

I'm eating"


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Saturday, September 2

Saturday Photo Hunt: On the Road

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This is my son's first ride with my husband on his bike. He was so excited to finally be tall enough to reach the pegs for his feet. Daddy was also excited to finally have a chance to share his bike with his son.

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