Sunday, March 23

Eggcellent color

Eggcellent color
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The kids and I spent time last night coloring eggs for our Easter deviled eggs....there's something signifcant about using our eggs that celebrate resurrection to make eggs named after the devil. :)

I thought the eggs turned out rather beautiful. The trick? Sharpies! Yep, drawing on the eggs before coloring them made them rather vivid and special.

Happy Easter! And though Easter isn't about eggs, chocolate bunnies nor jelly is a fun way to celebrate such a joyous day.


Jean 2 said...

I love that comment about "deviled eggs*-right up there with celebrating the birth of Christ(of course-Christmas) by drinking and gambling-you have always been partial to that. NOT!

Laurie said...

They are beautiful!! I really love all the color. Almost makes it hard to break them to eat, eh?