Sunday, December 28

Being true to my word

My last post I stated that I was going to spend more time being more mindful of how I was spending my time. I wanted to try to focus more on the people around me and the things that were important to them. I wanted to be more, do more, know and understand more. So how has it turned out?

My children and I have had more conversations, something that is not easy since there are four of them and only one of me. We have talked about serious things on their minds and giggled about silly things. I have met with friends for breakfast a few times a month and had in-depth conversations with them, we have shared life and traded secrets. I have learned more about my job and committed to it long term (this job was only supposed to be for three months) and invested my heart as well as my time into my bosses lives (they are wonderful friends with whom I've worked off and on for over 12 years and attended church for over 15 years). I have been cooking dinner (something I'm truly trying to hate less) most nights. I have been working on my photos for friends and even a few for a collection I'm hoping to complete this year.

I have also wandered into other avenues of outreach and contact. Through facebook I have re-connected with my sweet roommate from college (we had lost contact when I got married and she transferred colleges)...I have also found that facebook is an easy update for my day to day since I can update it from my iphone while sitting in the gym during a cheerleading class (my daughter's class, not mine ;) ) I have also tried twittering...not often but enough and I have read many many many other blogs.
I've been praying for those around me and those whom I only know via the internet.

So all in all, I feel like I have been true to my word. I have taken the break I needed, breathed a little deeper and am ready to dive back in. I am praying for the direction this blog is supposed to take and trusting that the words that flow will be exactly what they are supposed to be.

Here we go into the new year...2009 I am excited to see what you will hold for us all.


Kim said...

LOVE the new look of your blog! Also loved the content of this post.

I am very much looking forward to what 2009 as in store for me, too. Each year our pastor gets a "title" or "theme" for the year that God reveals to him. 2008 was the year of New Beginnings. 2009 is to be the year of New Births. Now, don't be thinking I'm expecting another little Monteith around our home...that won't be happening! However, there are things in my life that I've dreamed about and prayed for that I'm ready to see be born in the natural.

So, with that being said, Happy New Year to you. May God's richest blessings be upon you, your family, your job, and everything you pursue in 2009! Love ya!!!

Jean 1 said...

Thanks Kim! I'm also hoping that 2009 will hold a chance for us to meet each other again in person and maybe introduce our families. :)
Happy New Year to you! Much love