Tuesday, April 14

God knew

In September I took a job that was scheduled to last for three months, just a fill-in for friends while one of their employees finished her schooling. Not a problem, I can do anything for three months.
God knew, it was all a part of His plan. The day I started work ended up being the day my friends turned bosses left town for almost all of those three months due to medical necessity. I jumped in feet first and began the process of learning what I would need to know to run the company while they were out of town.
God knew, He empowered me. I asked questions, I learned quickly and worked. As things began to right themselves I became more and more invested in the company. I was given more and more responsibility. I began to wonder how the young lady was going to be able to return to her job that no longer resembled her job since I had been given 4x the responsibilities that she had handled. So I prayed about what we were to do. I was ready to hand back over the job, but also ready to stay if that's what God wanted.
God knew, He had made a plan. During the same months of my three month stint my husband's job became unsure in the marketplace (he works for a GM dealership). The extra income was a handy supplement to his income at the time when we needed it most. When the end of the three months approached we all began to pray about direction for this job position. And when I say "we" I include my friends/bosses, the young lady for whom I was filling in and myself. In the span of time, God gave direction for me to stay on as the office manager, her to move on to the pursuing a vocation in which she had just obtained her degree from college and we all to continue supporting each other through prayer and supplication.
God knew, He had made a plan. Each day I go to work and am reminded that He had this job in mind for me. Where I had seen only the short term when I agree to be their fill-in, He had designed for me to partner again with people with whom I could join my faith, invest my time and talents and contribute to a company that I strongly supported with more than just time.
God knew, He had a plan, a purpose and a provision for all my needs.


Jean 2 said...

I am so glad that God planned something you obviously enjoy and were open-minded to fulfill. What a blessing!

Tracy said...

It's so cool that you're working with people who love God. That when you all prayed that even included the girl's whose job you ended up with and that God has something else for her - right at the time when your family can use the money. We serve such an awesome God!