Monday, November 23

For Today, November 23

Outside my window...Sunny but less than other words, it's November

I am thankful I am that we have a warm house and ample supply of coffee

I am thankful for...the readily available items to meet of all our earthly needs.

From the kitchen...Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Parmesan Pizza and break sticks.

I am wearing...jeans, my favorite Ralph sweatshirt

I am creating...(trying) to create some ornaments demonstrated by Angie

I am the Discovery Center tomorrow with the youngest's 1st grade class field trip

I am reading...Rule #1 (still)

I am hoping...always

I am hearing...the football game my husband is watching

Around the wonderful fall flowers in my ball canning jars...they make me smile

One of my favorite things...Pumpkin Pie Andy's custard! YUM

and now...a photo to share from my archives:

the door from the library to the coffee house next door.


Angie and Jim said...

Hey Donna! Thanks for the shout out and good luck with those ornaments!! Post a picture for me!

Angie said...

Those ornaments are really cute! I've covered styrofoam balls with fabric, but mine weren't that fancy... love them!

I am enjoying your lists. I keep thinking I should make one, but haven't quite done that yet.