Monday, September 17

Oh Lord you've searched me

I was talking to my youngest daughter about a few things, and when I say "talking" I mean disciplinary discussions about attitudes, and explaining to her my heart. The discussion centered around her keeping her room and bathroom clean but it encompassed so much more.  I explained to her that her room being messy every once in awhile is normal, expected even, since she is a child...but that to keep it that way is not desirable for many reasons. As I spoke I started pointing out some of the issues with a messy room:
  •  it's hard to find the things you need or want to use
  •  makes it hard to walk (safety)
  •  shows little respect for your belongings
  • it takes longer to clean up a when you've let your room get too messy
  •  your forget what you have
As we began to clean her room together, she was reluctant to work...complaining some and even a few tears were shed.  But as the chaos began to be transformed into order and cleanliness she became happy and even excited.  In the chaos we found her missing iPod, her new shoes, a library book, some money and a favorite shirt that has been MIA for quite some time.  In her obedience to trust and obey she found many blessings and a few surprises.  

In my own life I have found the same principles to be true when I am not keeping my own heart clear of messes...when I let my life dictate my LIFE and I find myself knee-deep in emotional chaos.  Some of the issues with a messy mind/heart:
  • it's hard to find the joy and peace I need to live the life to which I've been called
  • it's hard to walk in newness of life that has been laid before me
  • it shows little respect for the ones God has put in my life
  • it takes longer to sort out the relationships and hurts you create
  • you forget just what is is that you have
Daily, like with keeping a tidy room, I must clean out the things that threaten to clutter my heart and open my path to walk throughout my day.  When I do so, I often find unexpected joy, sometimes an opportunity to serve, a positive interaction with my husband or children, a new favorite song that makes my heart sing, and sometimes money that I left in the pocket of my favorite jeans!   In my obedience to trust and obey I find many blessings and sometimes a few surprises.  

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" Psalm 51:10

This song...oh this song!!! has been speaking to me the last several days.

The first lines are "Oh Lord you've searched me, you know my ways.  Even when I fail you, I know you love me!

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