Monday, September 11

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today, my boy is seven. He. is. 7. I am so happy for him (of course) but I am truly struggling with my boy getting older. He is still the boy that needs kisses before I put him to bed. He still needs me to sing and pray with him nightly. He still looks out the window when I leave him home and blows me hugs and kisses. He is still my little boy. But I know that those days are so numbered...Soon he'll be too old for that stuff. He already told me that he's too old for character underwear. What! Too old for Spiderman underwear??? He loves to play with his toys, but he's migrating toward Playstation 2 and away from his Thomas Train table. This year he asked for Sushi instead of Chuck E Cheese. This, I have a feeling, is going to be a year of big changes. I know that this is the plan God has laid out for him, and that the path he is on is the right one, a path toward independence and maturity....oh, but for a little longer that he remain my little boy!


Stacey said...

That was very sweet! *sniff*

3Girls&3Guys said...

Now you make me sad about my kids growing up...Where is that stunt growing med. that prevents them from growing up to fast? Let me see if I can find it... lol