Friday, September 22

Where have I been

Well, things finally hit full gear around here for awhile, which means that I have been GOING full steam ahead. Just a little of what has been happening. Ryan turned 7, so of course there was a big party. We had 21 guests for the party. He got far too many gifts, played games with all his guests and had a great time. Christy started gymnastics. She loves, loves, loves gymnastics...and is really great at it already. We are very blessed to have the same teacher for her that both of my older girls had to start out. She is wonderful, Christy loves her. I've started working a little, been visiting with Jean 2 and Jean 3, had a little bit of extra work to do around the house. We are now a few short months from our Mexico vacation, and exactly a month from my oldest darling having her 13th birthday. School is going great for all the kids. Ryan has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow. WHEW! I'm wore out. Now that I've done the catch up, I will work on posting at least every to every other day little tidbits again of my life. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment...because we all know that comments make us feel a little more validated in our journaling. :) For those of you afraid to comment, don't be! Learn from Stacey who is a wonderful commenter.

Tabblo: What we've been up to

Ryan's birthday party, Chrisy's gymnastics, Bria and Nicki are getting older and I'm just trying to keep up with them all

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donna said...

Just glad you at least make time for tennis!:) We are all wore out for different reasons. Time to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY life and GIVE HOPE!! AAAAHHHHH

Stacey said...

Adorable pictures! You are one busy mama! Ooh, and thanks for the link...I'm glad to be known as a wonderful commenter. :)