Tuesday, May 22

New Friends

My daughter and I made three new friends today. The names of our new friends are Megan, Rachel and Izzy. They are the cutest little girls and so fun that my daughter has played and talked with them for hours already. I love hearing the cute conversations going on, the laughing about Scooby Doo and what needs to go in their purses. You know, typical little girl stuff. We met them during one of our weekly trips to Borders Bookstore in the kids section. Christine would bring me books to read, I would read them then she would head out to find something else for me to read. Sometimes, during one of our reading sessions, we will have other children come along and listen to the story as well. It was during this time that noticed the three little girls, waiting patiently for someone to notice them and invite them to come and play. My daughter and I spent some time with them, invited them to our house to play dress up and posed together for some pictures. I am so glad that we met them and look forward to many more playdates for Christine with her new pals.

Photo takes during a playdate with our new friends.

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