Monday, May 21

I'm Back!

Well, I've been on a bit of a sabbatical from this blog. Life got busy, time got short and priorities were organized to make more room. I've still been contributing to A Pair of Jeans and to Now, I'm a bit freer and decided to give this blog a bit more attention. I have decided to try to make it more of a blogography...meaning a photography picture and a bit of writing to go with it.

Today I make my entrance to this version of blogging, I hope you enjoy.

Christi and I love going to bookstores once a week. Usually we go on Thursday mornings. There is a story time that we sometimes try to catch, but usually we just like to look at the books ourselves and spend time just talking quietly and sharing a lunch. This is the lunch that was chosen this past trip. We had a nice piece of mud pie cheese cake (Christi ate most of it, not good at sharing desserts) a apple wood ham sandwich and I had a vanilla latte (I had all of it, I'm not too good at sharing caffeine). It was a lovely time spent talking and eating and just relaxing.

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