Monday, September 10

He's on a roll!

Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

My husband is one for surprises. He doesn't like to receive them as much as he likes to give them. He's the one one who gave me three years worth of surprise birthday parties. He's the one who plans get-a-ways for the two of us, he's the one who bought me a necklace and smuggled it in my sister's suitcase to Mexico to give to me on our first dress up dinner night. He is good at surprises. Last night he gave me a great surprise. He decided to learn how to make sushi, since we both love it so much. He bought all the stuff, found out how to make my favorite combinations and he spent two hours preparing, cutting, assembling and arranging these yummy plates of sushi for our dinner. He amazes me at each turn of our lives.


Jean 2 said...

Yum! They look perfect. Tell him I am game for some of that one night! LOL That was very sweet!! ;)

kizzy72 said...

Oh! He wins HUBBY OF THE WEEK!!! What a neat (and yummy!) surprise. P.S. I want some! They look perfect.

Bill said...

So when is Sushi night? lol

The Small Scribbler said...

You have an AWESOME husband! How blessed you are.