Monday, September 24

too exhausted to use the shift key to capitalize

life is going full steam ahead. kids are in school, loving it, but busy. Niki is in the pep squad, i think she has found her calling. :) Bria got to march with the high school band on Friday, she had a great time (I'll try to get pictures of these events uploaded soon) and tonight....well tonight started a whole new phase of my mothering years. i am coaching my son's soccer team. yep. me. i think i am more tired than i have been in awhile. I'll be sure to get some pics of that as well, since some of you may have a hard time believing that i am coaching.
much love to all of you, I'll try to be more on top of things tomorrow. (bonus, spell check capitalized some of my words for you.)


Laurie said...

Well, be sure to have someone take some pics of you huffin and puffin because I want to see that!!

In related news, Rose got to playing some soccer with the boys at Matthew's bday party and she's *quite* good. I might have to get her in a league. ;)

Jean 2 said...

Welcome to the coaching world. Just be glad they are not old enough, or daring enough hopefully, to call you a few choice names!

Bill said...

Ah, coaching is so much fun, I think you will really enjoy it. And sometimes, you end up learning just as much from the kids as they do from you.