Wednesday, November 7

Ahhhhhhh Fall

I love the Autumn season, I mean I really really really love it. The leaves and the nip in the air. I am autumnal at heart. There's something that just gets my heart and soul going when it approaches Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the attitudes of the people in the community throughout the season. I like the clothes that I get to wear around the holidays and the cute socks that adorn my children's feet. This past Sunday, accompanied by Jean 2, I purchased my outfit for my husband's Christmas party. Happy Fall Ya'll!


kizzy72 said...

Okay--I'm now officially homesick! What a gorgeous Autumn picture. I miss seeing trees like that, especially this time of year. Palm trees just don't evoke that same joyous fall emotion in me. You will have to double enjoy the beauty this year--enough for the both of us. :-)

Jean 2 said...

That is an awesome picture! Our road is so gorgeous right now. ;)
You and I have many differences...but this *autumnal heart* we share my dear friend!