Monday, November 12

The Princess is In!

"I am a princess.

All girls are.

Even if they live in tiny old attics.

Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart or young.

They're still princesses.

All of us. "

Sara Crewe, A Little Princess

This weekend my youngest, Christi, went to a birthday party where all the little girls made tiara's, put on a lacy tutu's, festooned themselves in feather boas and then dances to "princess music". The girls, being normal 4/5 year old girls, giggled and strutted, glancing at themselves over and over in tiny mirrors placed around the room. They were thrilled to each be a princesses.

I think all women, having their little princess hearts still within their souls, still like to feel like a princess. When we are sitting at home in our old ratty shorts vacuuming the floors or wiping the baby's nose with the hem of our stained t-shirts we are still yet longing for out tiaras and wondering if our prince is ever going to ask us to dance again. The day we sit down in a pedicure chair and have someone make our toes look pretty we get a glimpse of the royal treatment. A trip to get a massage lends itself to pampering feelings. Putting on a silky dress (or blouse) awakens our bodies to luxurious fabrics, eliciting a shiver of anticipation of what's to come. Within each one of us is a princess, whether or not we can see and feel the tiara upon our heads.

To all Your Royal Majesties: Treat yourself to one princess treat today/ is your duty.


Jean 2 said...

Oh I so agree-I am a princess and I am to be adored! ;)
I am up for a *royal day* anyday.
Yesterday was one of them in my book.
Luv ya!

Sarah Markley said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love this b/c i don't feel like a princess most of the time. my girls have to remind me! Perfect. Your family is beautiful, by the way!