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My littlest one, Christi, has always been a bit of timid one. She hates the big rat @ Chuck E Cheese. She has always been terrified that we would take her to Disney World and make her meet the big Minnie and Mickey. She has never, ever wanted to see Santa, Easter Bunny and even had it worked out that her brother would put her teeth, if she were ever to lose one, under his pillow to spare her the possibility of meeting the Tooth Fairy. But this year?
"Mama, I think I want to go see Santa, I'm not scared."
So, off we headed on Sunday afternoon to meet the Jolly Old Elf himself. Now, we are not huge proponents of the Santa fellow, but we do like to play the game with our kids....and I've always been a sucker for the Santa picture.
While standing in line we met a cute couple of girls were were also waiting to see Santa. One 14, the other a bit younger, but I'm not sure how old. They were sweet and visited with my Christi and Ryan while waiting for Santa to return from his break (someone has to feed the reindeer after all). In years past, we would often just take our own cameras and take a quick picture of whomever was willing to sit with Santa...after all the pictures have always been a bit on the pricey side.
Last year they posted a sign that read "Minimum purchase required to use personal camera for Santa visit." What!!! They had a nice lady inform me that I could purchase the photo CD for $5 and still then I could take as many pictures as I wanted. Deal!
This year? The same sign was posted, but the rules had changed. You had to spend at least $20 for anything to take photos. Gulp! I know, $20 isn't a bunch of money in the grand scheme of things, but come on! It's Christmas, gas prices are higher and there are people out there who would love a photo of their kids with Santa but the $20 is a deal breaker for them.
While talking to the lovely young ladies behind me and their equally nice mom, I decided that I would purchase the photo, since this was our first time to officially have Christi sit on Santa's lap and I would also take a few photos of the other two gals for their mom...sort of as a Christmas present (though it be small) to share the Christmas spirit. I did end up telling the helper elf that I was speaking to that my minimum purchase was going to cover these girls too, so I could take their picture. She winked, said go for it and away I snapped.
After procuring the email address of my new friends I read it, smiled over the clever email address and promptly put it in my jeans pocket. A few days later I realized the mess that had been all over the inside of the dryer had been the address of this family. Groan! I had forgotten to take the slip of paper out of the jeans before I washed them. Amazingly, the email address came to me (which anyone who really knows me will see the miracle of memory is terrible) and I was able to send the pictures on to them today. Merry Christmas to my new friends!

The sweetest part of that day? As Santa came up before sitting on his throne he walked through the line giving "high fives" and hand shakes. As he came to Christi she took a deep breath, high-fived him, and smiled. As he walked on she pulled me down to her and told me "Mama! You made me brave!" (misty eyed mama was so proud)

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Jean 2 said...

AAWWWW! That is so sweet! I am also glad you and pleasantly SHOCKED that you remembered the email address-God showed it to you! ;) It HAD to be!
Good for Christi!
J, as you know, was also timid...a sweet and frustrating time!