Monday, June 4

In Memory

Nana (Ruth) White, my husband's great-grandma, passed away tonight a few minutes before 11pm. She has been very sick for a long time, and with God's mercy, has now passed into a constant state of peace and joy of in the presence of the Lord.

The chorus to a song that springs to mind is "In the Presence" the words are:

In the Presence of Jehovah

God Almighty, Prince of Peace

Troubles vanish, hearts are mended

In the Presence of the King.


The Small Scribbler said...

My husband's grandmother died on the same day. We do not know if she was saved. How nice that you know where "Nana" is. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they are both worshipping our Lord together?

I love that song.

Jean 1 said...

Yes, small scribbler, it would be wonderful. Sometimes it is best to just believe when you are unsure...and let God deal with the truth. So, I will believe with you that they are together in the Presence.