Monday, June 30

Johnny Depp's Posse

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I have been blessed. My life overflows with gifts of love and kindness and friendship. I am wealthy in ways I never dreamed I would be. I'm not talking money, although I do not have an aversion to it ;) , but life.

I have always dreamed of travel. I used to think that my life would most fulfilled if I had a job that required me to travel as often as possible. Not because I was running from anything, but because I have such a thirst for different cultures, cities, states. I love to see how others are living, whose lives are being impacted in ways that I cannot imagine. Plus...I really love staying in hotels!

This summer is my dream come true. It has worked out that I get to travel four times. Once was with Rob (see previous post) and it as great. Now I have had the fun of going on a long girls weekend to Chicago with the two friends pictured above (I will withhold their names for privacy sake unless they give me release). The trip was a long anticipated 40th birthday celebration....for one of the others on the trip. {I know, looking at the picture you are having a hard time believing that one of the three is now's not me ;)}
We had a wonderful time of shopping touring and was so blessed to be the recipients of God's mercies on us. How?
1. We entered and won the opportunity to buy 4 tickets to "Wicked" at the price of $25 for $90 seats.
2. We had a close encounter of the star kind with Mr Johnny Depp, I think my travel mates are still giggling about that.
3. We procured said stars autographs to bring home to share with family along with video and photos to prove that it's really his autograph.
4. We met dozens of kind and considerate people in Chicago, some of whom we have exchanged emails.
5. We found great deals while shopping. Yippee! ;)
6. We arrived loving each other as heart-engaged friends...we returned home even closer.
7. We laughed until our abs hurt. (That's a lot of laughing)

We had a great time. My next trip? Jean 2 and I received frequent flyer tickets from my husband to go anywhere so we've chosen the Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard/Hyannis area. Look out Massachusetts! :)

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Jean 2 said...

That's right baby! Bring on BOSTON! I am ready! Would it be too soon to pack? ;)