Tuesday, July 1

Swim Lessons

"Summer time and the livin' is easy. Summer time and my blogging gets cheesy" Oops! Guess those aren't the actual words to the song, but I do believe they fit me. :)

Yesterday was a big day for Christi and Ryan...they began their long awaited, eagerly anticipated swim lessons. One of the big universities does programs where you can get lessons for sessions of two weeks at a time for your little ones with a maximum of four kids in the class. Sign me up! We went for an evaluation of skills (does being able to sing 15 different Veggie Tales songs and knowing most of Mary Poppins by heart count as skills?) we were assigned a swim level. Beginner 1.

We arrived primed and ready...and late. I had misunderstood their lesson time so we had to take a later slot and waited around. It turned out to be a great thing because by the time it was their turn they were so READY to get in water. Ryan, who is a bit timid about water and who hates water in his eyes brought along goggles and asked to be last for each skill being taught to the three of them in the class. Teacher says "This time we are going to take turns putting our face in the water" Christi is able to get her face in for a nano-second and comes up wiping like a maniac. Ryan is able to dunk his chin and then smiles triumphantly. ;) Teacher says "Now we are going to dunk under to get our face and hair wet" Christi leans as far backward as possible to get all her hair wet but does not go under. Ryan raises his eyebrow at teacher and dunks as far as his ears and then stands back up. Teacher says "Great Job! Now we are going to learn how to float on our backs!" Ryan and Christi flatten themselves against the pool wall and ask to not be first. (I know, at this point you are marveling at the way I have been able to embed such adventurous kids. Don't worry, I'll write you a handbook if you would like.)
Well, by the end of the 30 minute lesson they were both putting their faces in the water COMPLETELY and they both floated on their backs unsupported. (It was so amazing that I had to include pictures of their incredible development in just one lesson.)
I am so proud of them overcoming their fears! At this rate they will be happily swimming unassisted before we head to Alabama's Gulf Shores. Woo Hoo!

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