Friday, August 8

Breathe in, Breathe out.

While on my trip with Jean 2, I found this shirt that summed up the feelings we had during our adventures. We both have children, husbands, responsibilities, and so much on our plates that it seems like we are serving a buffet. But during this trip we were just us. Just two women on an adventure. While we were on the deck of the ferry, water surrounding us and wind blowing softly in our faces, we were relaxed. Neither of us thought of dishes that needed to be put away. Neither of us were concerned with how much milk was in the refrigerator. Neither of us were sorting laundry, changing sheets, folding towels. We just were there. In the moment. Being who were are when all the other things of life are not pressing in on us. We took pictures. We texted our friends and families about how wonderful it was to be where we were. We talked. We relaxed. We took deep breaths and laughed. I have found the fresh air I needed to begin on the new year of school that starts the 25th.

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The Small Scribbler said...

Oh this sounds like fun. A little time away to remember what it's like to be a girl and not a mother of a mob. I think I've forgotten.


Jean 2 said...

Reading that gave me goosebumps!! I treasure that trip-always! Just us and our "lameness"! LOL