Wednesday, August 20

Holes that make us whole

I found this shell while walking along the beach last week that struck a chord within my spirit. It looked a bit like a heart with a key hole in it....the sand shifted by the time I got a clear picture making it less heart shaped looking, but still the image was frozen there. I've thought about this image since then dozens of times. To me, the purest part of the heart with a key slot is that they key is required to fully make the heart complete, without the key there is still a hole there....but filling the hole makes it whole.

In my life I've had times of fulfillment and times of want. I've had times when I recognized the need for something or someone to fill a hole in my life. Early in my life I had the need for Someone, and He filled my life in a big way. As an adult, I find myself in cycles of times where I have a need, but I'm not sure what is needed to make me feel filled. As a mother, I've struggled at intervals for something more...something different, also as a wife. Always, and I do mean always, that need comes to my life and fills my empty spaces, not always in the ways I imagined, but always exactly how it is needed.

There, in that shell, my thoughts were triggered in a "key-hole" moment. Something clicked in place for me...something that I think I might have always known but not always in my consciousness:

The need that comes in our lives is by design! We have been designed to have needs. Just like a door with a lock is designed to need a key...the key is the integral part of the lock...the function being the lock, when fit with the key lets one in. My heart has many keys. On my key chain of life are these keys:
1. My savior
2. My husband
3. My children
4. My friends (some of which are also family)
5. My family
6. Photography
7. Travel
8. Writing
9. Music
10. Reading

These are some of my main ones. I enjoy seeing what key the Lord will use to open another area of my heart. What are your keys?
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Jean 2 said...

I believe the some of my keys are the same as yours-just maybe not in that order! Great entry. And so true. Designed to have needs? I always knew that too, but remembering it when I have a need is often hard to do.