Tuesday, February 17

Making a start

Each day I wake up, wake the teenagers and walk to the kitchen to make coffee. I'm rarely happy to be awake...to be honest I'm usually very grumpy about be awake so early in the day. In these early times I begin the engagement of battle between mood and mind. I am often spared conversation since my girls are engaged in the process of readying themselves for the day, usually sparing them from any infection of my poor state of mind.
Once the girls have left I have 15 minutes before I wake the next two children to ready them for school. My next two require more of me, more of my words, my time...So I work harder for them.
As I sat this morning, coffee in hand I was convicted with my lack of effort for my older two children. Why do I feel that the oldest two no longer need my input? Do they not need spiritual guidance? Have they arrived and grown so much that they no longer need a word of peace, love or joy to start their day? If anything, they need it more. They need the Word, Life and Truth pumped into their environment and mind and spirit as they begin their day...preparing them for their journey into the battleground of High School/Middle School.
I, too, need the Truth and Life to start my day, more than coffee, more than sleep...I need Jesus.
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Jean 2 said...

I love this!! This speaks to me. That is sooooooooo true. Although I don't battle WHO gets more of me, now that J is a teenager, I often don't put as much into being a "mommy" as I should with my actions. The heart is there. I just assume she is taking care of what needs to be taken care of...hmmm...pondering....

Jason said...

Wow...that's powerful. We need more Christians who are willing to be so transparent about their faith and the times we get convicted of things.

Bravo. I'm adding you to my blogroll.