Monday, February 9

Rest for the weary

You know those times in your life when you are bone weary. You feel like there is never going to be enough sleep in your future to allow you to feel rested. It might be after the arrival of a new baby, or post surgery or maybe even due to work related stresses and even travel. But even when you feel like you'll never get enough sleep, you realistically know that eventually you will and it just seems like you won't.
Well, my poor husband has been feeling like this for over five years. His weariness has caused me great concern, enough that after all this time he has finally consented to undergoing a sleep study evaluation to determine if he has sleep apnea (I feel certain that he does...I'll know by 7 am if I am correct). His brother has it and has been on a C pap machine (air pressure machine for breathing) for over 10 years. I am also convinced that both of his parents have it, but I doubt anything will ever be done on their parts to correct the problem. But I digress.... I am quite excited that he may finally get the sleep that his body needs and my heart desires for him to have.

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Kim said...

I know getting the sleep apnea diagnosis won't be a "good" thing, but it will be an awesome thing if they find out that all he needs is the CPAP to get the best rest he's had in years.