Thursday, December 31

10 years years from now

Looking back...I am amazed how much has changed in 10 years. We had two little girls and a brand new baby. Our house was smaller and our income was just starting to increase.

Now...We have four kids. Our first is a driver, our next is about to get her drivers permit. I am approaching 40!!!! We have been married almost 20 years.
We have been working our way through a national recession but God remains faithful.

Looking forward...I will have two kids out of college (most likely), one in college and a new driver. I might even be a grandma by then. I will be approaching 50. My husband will be about to turn 50. We will be married almost 30 years.

We were thinking...that we needed a bigger house. We had outgrown our house...our new baby was still in a cradle but we were soon going to need a room for him. We were blessed, God had taken care of us financially and was allowing us to finally pay off our debt. We were starting to get to a good place in our has since blossomed to a wonderful romance.

We are thinking...that God may require us to move again, maybe sooner than we think. The economy has slowed, but God has not...the next 10 years will be ones that will prosper due to the discipline He has been building in us the last two years.

I am thankful for...the growth of our family...not just our core family, but with rungs of love and growth. We added another child in the last 10 years. Relationships have changed and become something that I had only prayed would happen. I have reconnected with friends from the past that has brought a tremendous amount of joy!

We are praying...for direction, wisdom and guidance as we make decisions and changes in our lives.

Struggles...10 years ago...losing weight, but it's in process
Struggles....10 years from now..hopefully it's beat by then. :)

Now...some photos...
Ten Years Ago:



Angie Berry said...

Wow! Don't you just love looking back in your life to see the faithfulness of God stamped all over it? We have come so far. I am always amazed at the blessings that have been poured out on my family's life and that of my friends, also!

Thanks for sharing the account of your last 10 years. I enjoyed reading it! And I am really looking forward to being a part of your next 10 years and so on!

Jean 1 said...

Ang...I'm thrilled that you'll be a part of my next ten years. What a true being one of the reconnections I mentioned in this post. Love you much!

Rannyjean said...

I love looking back and seeing where God has led my husband and I and He never disappoints us! I would love to invite you to my blog and my January giveaway where I am giving away 2 fused glass barrettes, Christian tee-shirt, note cards over at