Monday, April 19

Staying on the Path

When my children and I take walks together it is often without a set path, we just start walking.  We may head out the door to see what is happening at the playground behind our home and then end up following the path that leads behind the school ending up down by the creek.  We will meander along, sometimes seemingly in circles and other times we may stay along the path until we find something that MUST be photographed. I had only been lost once in my life before I was a mom and knew that I couldn't allow myself to let this happen when my children were with me.  I enjoy these times with my kids, but i am also mindful of the direction we will need to take to return home, always with the "this turn then this turn" will get us back to familiar ground.  I enjoy the wandering but also crave the safety of being where I  belong.  I am an adventurer with very distinct homing senses; sometimes there are obstacles along these paths.  The creek may be swollen, not allowing us to cross.  Someone might stumble and fall, requiring a stop to treat the pain and the tears.  Sometimes the canopy of trees may block out the sun, making it hard to see the path. Still other times there might be a dangerous situation arise-a mean dog, a suspicious shadow or such.  All these problems may require us to redirect, to rethink and replan our route, but the destination remains the same--HOME.  My children have learned to trust me to get them where we need to be even if they are afraid or can't see the path.

In life we also have paths that we are walking, paths that have a distinct destination, but there often arises obstacles, distractions and dangers that may require us rethinking that path we are taking. Sometimes it may just be that we need to stop, treat the pain and treat the tears and others it may require us stopping, turning around and going back to a different pathway.  A few weeks ago there was a stumble in my heart, my spirit.  Circumstances brought pain and loss into my life via the loss of one of my dearest friend's husband and child, a family to whom my heart is deeply and eternally tied.  My heart broke, my mind was seized with fear and my spirit quaked.  I could no longer see the path and I couldn't see the Son in all of it, I was swathed in shadows.  I have spent some time questioning the path, doubting the path and even sat down for a bit needing to tend my pains and tears.

Finally I am finding the light on the path again, I do not understand why the path took the turn it did but I'm choosing to trust my Father to get me where I am supposed to be going.  I will stay on the path, continue to walk and believe...for who else can I trust if I don't trust the One who created my path. 


Angie said...

Beautiful, Donna, and a great reminder for all of us. Thanks for sharing your story.

ShutterMom said...

Hi I am new to your blog and blogging in general. The thing that captivated me about your blog are your pictures. They are so well taken. I'd have to learn a few things from you!

Donna B. said...

ShutterMom, I scooted over to read your blog, I have enjoyed it. I am unable to leave comments so I hope you come back here to see that I appreciate your visit. :)

ShutterMom said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the visit. I didn't even realise that readers can't leave comments on my blog. I am a real newbie. Still lots to learn. So thanks for highlighting it to me. Looking forward to your new posts!