Monday, June 28

This weekend I scrapbooked (yes, I have made a noun a verb.  I'm aware of it and OK with it.  ;)  ).  Not my digital way, but the tactile hands-on with adhesives and paper scrapbooking.  Its been years since I actually put scissors to paper and created something other than a card here and there, and it felt good.  No, scratch felt GREAT.  My friend Kim C (Hi Kim!) asked me to go with her and to be honest...I went mainly for the fellowship.  I enjoy spending time with friends and figured...hey, it's not expensive, it's close by the house and breakfast lunch and dinner (plus snacks) are included-I'm in!  Once I was there it took me a couple of hours to settle in and do was probably the freebies that hooked me or maybe the small class we did or perhaps it was the old photos of me and my family in front of me...but whatever it was I began working on my parents albums and talking and just settling back into "me".  I wasn't always creative, sometimes I was merely slapping pages together and calling them done, but I was getting stuff done.  In all, I finished 40 pages.  

In this recent experience I grasped onto something very important...TIME.  Not only do I need that time, but time is fleeting.  I was sitting in front of photos of myself as a child, photos of my parents when they were my age...and they are now just memories in a scrapbook.  If I want to have more for myself, my husband, my children, my friends...the time is now while I am able to do more than just write a date and place of occurrence.  I have always had a mentality of "someday"...but all things should be "today".  Today I will spend more time with God.  Today I will spend more time with my kids.  Today I will spend more time with a friend.   Today I will.  Today. 

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Angie Berry said...

That's so awesome girl! I'm glad you were able to complete so many pages! Fun, fun! I just love retreats! It's so nice to get away, spend time with friends, and create.

I can say I totally get what you're saying about time. That concept has been made more clear to me this past week. It has been so strange for me to not be at work after working so many years. I am amazed at how much more time I have. This past week, I realized what my part time job away from home was robbing me of. I am so much happier now. I realize how my kids are growing up before my eyes. I know that I need to be more diligent at making memories... not just throwing the kids in the pool to get them outta my hair but spending time with them laughing and enjoying life!

Thanks for sharing your weekend! I'm so glad you had a great time!