Saturday, January 28

They that wait....

The other day I was driving home from an errand when I noticed that, even though it was almost 6 pm, it wasn't completely dark..where just the week before the that exact time of day would have revealed a blackened sky and stars already glowing.  I was jubilant, as I often am, when I realized that spring is inching closer and closer. I long for the light, the warmth, the new life that springs forth each year.

This realizations mirrors the transformations that have been dawning in my heart as well.  God has used this time that my blog has been dark to do some deep workings in my spirit and heart and the light is dawning....the life has been budding in generous proportions and the warmth that He has given me for others is drawing me again to share His words, His plans and His life.  Happy Internal Spring!  :)


Angie Berry said...

Hey, that's about the same time I noticed the exact same thing. It's like it just hit me all of a sudden that it wasn't dark before 6. It really got me excited, hehe. =] I was looking around my yard today and my daffodils are already a couple of inches tall, yay!! The crabapples have little buds on them. I just love watching new life spring forth, it is the coolest thing to watch. It is so amazing to think about the tiniest of details that God pays attention to on every single living thing, incredible!

Anyway, glad to see you post again. =] I love to read your deep thoughts. They always draw me in and make me think.

Donna B. said...

<3 Angie....kindred hearts, linked spirits and joyful compatibility-those are just three reasons why I love you.