Wednesday, April 27


10 years ago we moved into our house.  Two months later we had a storm come through that required we replace our roof.  5 years later an even bigger storm ruined that roof and required we get another new roof.  Part of the problem is that our first replacement was not done right.  They had not removed everything to the roofs foundation but instead built upon what was actually also faulty.  Needless to say, our insurance company was not happy..but thats another story.  We learned that not only hiring someone who knew how to roof was important, but also that he/they must know how to do it right from the very beginning.

4 years ago a storm, of the spiritual nature, came through that required I adjust my heart and deal with hurt, forgiveness and loss.  It was a rough storm that knocked me around a bit.  Repairs were done and we went on.  A year ago an even bigger storm came through that made the first one seem minuscule and knocked me cleanly off my feet.  This one dealt an even bigger blow to my spirit and required a rebuilding from the ground up.  What had caused the greater turmoil was not only the storm, but that I had also failed to repair the foundation of my beliefs and address my hurts and loss in the fullest way.  I learned so much through it, and am still learning.  My foundation has been shirred up, my faith has been re-established, but I must always be mindful that the foundation must remain strong to allow me to withstand the storms on the horizon.

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Angie Berry said...

I really mean this when I say that I wish we lived closer and could see each other often because I know we would have a good, solid relationship. Sorry you have been through some things but we both know that has to happen because it makes us who we are and always brings us closer to God. I love you girl and really miss you a lot! I didn't realize how much until we met up and entered each other's life again.