Friday, March 22

Technical Issues of Life

I had to walk away from my computer this morning for a time...I was frustrated and when I'm frustrated I"m fairly useless.  In my work, I am called upon to be the person showing someone how to do something, using the help guides and manuals when I don't know off hand.  How it's supposed to work and how it works are not always the same thing---but it should be.  This morning, after working with my team to get a program to function correctly and being unable we had to reschedule a meeting that had been anticipated by many.  There were no other options at that point.  It came down to a programming issue over which I have no control.

This has been mirrored in life in general recently for me.  As a mom, wife, friend and christian I am sought out for answers, advice and direction.  I generally can point to the Word, experience and the prompting of the Holy Spirit to provide these nuggets, but what do I do when I don't know?  How life is supposed to work and how it works are not always the same thing.  In the past year I've had several friends to whom I've given truth, spoken words of direction and even encouraged with hope but the situations did not actually turn out the way I saw them going.  At these times I am left to wonder, it's not like life can be rescheduled until a more convenient time.  Did I hear wrong? Did I give the wrong direction? Was it my own emotions that encouraged hope?  But it comes down to something much bigger, God has a different plan/purpose/problem that will be used for His glory.  I cannot control the words, only speak what I know to be true and trust that the one who has designed this life knows more than I do about the "programming" of the persons. I have seen miracles take place in the middle of these tough situations, been able to look back and see that the delay was the time God was using to prepare for the answer and see the times that hope was given to build up a foundation that allowed for a better outcome than the one for which I'd been hoping.

I am most grateful to know that God is the perfect designer when it comes to creating a product (us) and that He has planned and provided for each technical issue that comes up in our programming.  What may look like a glitch is really just a new option we didn't recognize before.

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