Thursday, June 29


I am a sahm, a mix of homemaker, chef (well, reheater most times), wife, mother, teacher, facilitator, mediator, role model, mentor, launderdress, scrapbooker, reader, writer and so much more...But sometimes so much less. Some days I enjoy just letting the kids run rampant and do as they wish (with-in reason) just to see what they come up with. Today is one of those days. I have watched them make their own breakfasts (except Christine who needed a little assistance with the milk for her cereal), watched the two olders make mac and cheese for all of them, listened to them play games, dance to music, sing and have conversations. It is an eye opening experience sometimes to just sit back and listen....
conversation btwn Ryan and Christine
Ryan: Say the numbers after me
Christine: Ok....
R: 1 (echo 1) 2, (2), 3, (3).....(I'm tired....) 30, (30)...
R: now say c a t
C: c a t
R: great! You spelled cat!

(Now, I know what we just witnessed was parroting...And that's ok...Because it wasn't about learning, it was about leadership. Ryan was putting forth his ability to instruct and lead and have someone who knows less than he does. And she, knowing that he knows so much, was willing to copy him. It was about relationship. It was about letting Ryan be a good role model and about letting him have a say in what their conversation was going to be about. )

Bria and Niki (in kitchen together)
Bria: mom, may i make some mac and cheese for everyone for lunch?

Me: sure, do you know what you are doing?
B: yes, the box has directions
Me: ok...Ask if you need anything
B: (eyes rolling slightly) ok, but I won't need anything
Niki (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what pan do i use?

Me (eyes rolling slightly) the medium one
B: ok....
N (mumble, mumble, mumble)
B: what temperature do i cook on to make the water boil

Me: put it on 7 or 8 (high)
N (mumble, mumble,mumble)
B: how do i know when the macaroni is done?

Me: take one out of the pan, blow on it and taste it...If its tender, then it's done
N(mumble, mumble, laugh)
B: do i need to use the strainer?

Me: yes
B: which one?
Me: the big one
N (laugh, mumble, laugh, laugh,mumble)
B: hey, everyone, I made mac and cheese all by myself!

Me: (yep, all by herself...LOL)

And so the day goes....Stay tuned for more fun musings.

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Laurie said...

WTG guys!! Mac N Cheese (the old way) isn't the easiest. Have you tried the RL biscuits yet?? :)
C-A-T. WOW, I can do it too. ;) My bloglets do this game a LOT. ROFL