Friday, June 30


Today is a big day....You probably are going to have a day like this real soon. It's heralded with pomp and circumstance, much anticipation and excitement. I am going to go to Walmart AND Target by MYSELF! I know, control your envy, your day will be here soon. It's such a glorious day, I think I will even put on a cute skirt and makeup and maybe even wear my newer flip flops. I so look forward to these trips that gives me a chance to go out in the world and talk to new people (or not talk to them if I don't want to) and see new scenery for a little while. I enjoy seeing the new products in all the sections of the stores, picking them up, viewing them from afar or both. Sometimes I'll make a day of it and even let the kids come along, because it's not always about being alone, although the trip in and out of the bathroom by myself is quite a glorious experience, it's about being out of the house. I'm not a homebody by anyone's definition, but I do have to be around the house more often during the summer months since the kids have things to do, I have things to do, and there's not enough money in the world to feed them fast food everyday...Nor is it healthy for them. During the school months, I have only one little bloglet during the day to go and do or play with...And it's a bit easier to run here or there. So, I'm going to go get ready for my adventure and maybe even splash on a little perfume, get myself a cup of coffee and make my lists and my plans.


Malapert said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!! lol Enjoy your day sans bloglets! :)

driddles said...

Thank you for spending the day with me AND your bloglets!!