Thursday, June 29

Happy Sahm


My Name is Jean. I have four bloglets (children) who help to give me job security as a SAHM (Stay at home mom) They are Bria (almost 13) Niki (11) Ryan (6 3/4) and Christine (3). I have been Married to DH (darling hubby) for 15 years and loving it. We live in a Midwest state with a wonderful church body and great school system. I have chosen to begin blogging my day to day for a number of reasons.

The first reason to chronicle is due to my memory...After four kids, I think I have begun to forget some of the day to day happenings, much to my children's chagrin since they are always asking "how old was I when...." And "did I ever" to which I stare blankly and smile and say..."Um, check the baby book" or "go look in your scrapbook".

The second reason to chronicle: the journals I started with each child lay dusty and neglected on my shelf. They have sporadic entries after a certain date due to time flying by without time to update in handwritten penmenship. (argh!)

The third reason to chronicle: Because I can, I will blog...I will share and I will accept comments as long as they are nice :)

So, that's me....And that's my plan...Where it leads....Who knows, but at least I'll have fun getting there.

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