Tuesday, August 15


My youngest bloglet is very independent. She has three olders who make her want to be able to do things that are not quite normal for a three year old. Things like cooking, laundry (not folding, but actually washing) driving and such. She is irritated by the words "when you get bigger" and "when you are a little older". She has worked her way into getting them to let her help do dishes and put clothes in the dryer and even TRIED to convince me that she is big enough to drive. So when it comes to getting dressed, this is something that she does not like help doing. But, and this is an exception, she has had one shirt that has alluded her buttoning and snapping skills. She often gets mad before she admits it and lets me help her. She has yelled at her shirt, thrown her shirt and cried. WHY WON'T THIS SHIRT BUTTON? I have explained that the button holes are kinda small and the buttons are kinda big, which makes it a tough one to button, but that has never satisfied her. She always chooses the shirt and then struggles with the buttons....Until this week. This week she decided that the shirt was "going down". {yep, those were her words...Learned from brother bloglet} So she pushed, she pulled, she would take a break and start again....And Finally:

SHE DID IT. SHE WON. SHE CAME. SHE SAW. SHE BUTTONED. That one button brought her so much satisfaction that she wanted me to take a picture to show that she finally did it! So Congratulations...You've got the competition ALL BUTTONED UP!


Stacey said...

Yay! That totally calls for ice cream!

annrebieb said...

ya know stac...it DID call for ice cream...ANDY'S to be exact! :)

donna said...

I wish I had her determination-I call HELP when something frustrates me!