Saturday, August 5

This is my entry for this weeks theme: Money

Currency #1: School supplies and school clothes

Currency #2: Receipts for gas, eating out and various supplies

Currency #3: What is left when all is said and done!


GoofyJ said...

Great ideas for the theme! :) I played too.

Karen said...

Interesting ideas for the theme. It's surprising how little is left when all is said and done, isn't it?

Froggie Mama said...

Wow! That's ALOT of stuff! Looks like the kiddos are set for school! It's so expensive, right? Are you counting down the days until they go back?? Our kiddos start back next Thursday! Sooo early! Creative choice for this week's theme!! :)

Have a great weekend!


Good post. I love that.
My Photo Hunt is up too.

donna said...

SO TRUE! What a creative idea! I love it. GAS is the real problem though. At least we have something to show for the rest of the things we buy!

Laurie said...

Great pics! :)