Friday, November 17

two..two...two posts in one!

A quick post before I head off to accomplish more wonderful and amazing tasks. OK, so maybe not necessarily wonderful nor amazing, but tasks none-the-less. I have been going full steam ahead since last week, but I am getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel. I have worked two "Holiday Bazaars" with one more tomorrow for my business doing orders for my photography side line business, subbing for three days (one more day on Monday) for a friend and taking care of the house and home. (Yes, house and home are two different is where we live, home is who we are.) I'll try to come up with some funny stories next week when I haven't used all my energy on the above tasks, until then, here's my PhotoHunt entry:


This is where I am headed in two weeks. Yippee! I always feel like I'm living the plush and pampered life when we are here (Cancun)


Melli said...

Ahhhh! I should have thought of THAT! I did have some GREAT vacation shots that would depict "plush"... HAVE FUN!!! (i'm green with envy!)

Expat Traveler said...

now that would be a plush resort. I'd definitely like to visit that place, perfect for great photos. :)

mines up.

Mummy B said...

oh I'm so jealous!! I'm sure you'll have a wonderfully relaxing time there!!


Gattina said...

Originel ! So far we all posted plush animals, for what I have seen ! Have fun !

Wystful1 said...


Happy weekend. My 'plush' is also a grand hotel!!!

Karen said...

Now that looks plush. And warm. And exotic. Wow!

My photo is up too.

donna said...

Someday I will go-someday! :) I have FAITH!