Saturday, November 25

Saturday Photo Hunt: Time I admit it...I ran short on TIME and am just now getting around to posting my entry (hee hee). So here is my photo

Arrival "Time"

This is my dad with my youngest two sisters in the NICU in 1978. They were born six weeks early, weighing in @ 2 and 3 pounds (and some odd ounces). The spent quite a few weeks in the hospital before being released due to premature birth problems. But, as TIME passed, they grew, thrived and are now both moms. As a matter of fact, the one on the left is going with me to Cancun in a little over a week.


aiRah said...

wow, that's really a touching photo.

dropped by! have a nice day! *hugs*


donna said...

I am surprised you know which one is on the left! hee hee

Amy Beth <> said...

How precious. What a great idea.

Jennifer said...


Just stopping by to let you know that the kindblog site has moved, and your sidebar link is no longer working. Please update your link to Thanks!

That Chick Over There said...

So sweet. I love twin pictures. :)