Thursday, July 8

Ice Cream, Concerts, Swimming and Sleeping In

Our summer is rolling along smoothly and a bit too quickly for all of our tastes.  We have discussed trying to find a worm-hole in town that would cause our days to loop around a few more times.  I must admit that this summer has been so much more enjoyable than last year since I am no longer trying to balance working part time and all that the kids want/have/need to do.  
We've been swimming a few times (not as much as we'd like due to rain) and caught a few movies. The kids have slept day until 1pm and have stayed up night until 2 am.  We have bought ice cream, make ice cream, consumed ice cream and maybe even screamed for ice cream--that one was probably me.  
We have attended a couple of wonderful concerts with positive messages and joyful people. Sleep overs have been hosted and also attended.  Fireworks were the source of awe and applause as desserts were consumed by friends that are as much as family.  The husband has been making dinner at least three times a week, due of course to his new wonderful grill and we even finally bought a new patio table--which of course we've only used once since it's rained almost daily since we bought it.  
All these things are good, wonderful and even needed.  But even more needed has been the time.  As we longed for you and are enjoying your stay.  Please don't hurry off!  

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Angie Berry said...

I can so agree with everything you just said. I just realized we have exactly 30 days till we start up again. My how this summer is flying! But I agree, it's so nice to be home and enjoy it with the kids, do more with them. Enjoy the rest of your time!