Friday, July 28

Things I love, like, put up with, find funny and whatever else pops into my mind

1. Sarcasms....No, I'm not sarcastic, why do you ask?
2. Ironic humor...Funny isn't it?
3. Poetic Justice...Something about it just feels right.
4. 82 degree days....Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...Downright Balmy!
5. The word balmy....Just sounds heavenly
6. Finding a good deal...Bargain hunter at heart
7. Locking my friends out of the car until they tell me that they love me...Ok, so it's sick too, but hey....Oh well!
8. Tennis. Nothing funny about that unless you know that I've avoided sports for much of my life.
9. Veggie Tales. They crack me up. Try watching Silly Songs with Larry and not at least crack a smile.
10. When my three year old says "Are you kidding me? You got to be kidding me" (typed the way she says it).
11. The office. They "ARE A HOOT!"
12. The words "a hoot"...Jean 2 says it all the time
13. The words "et up"...Used in a sentence [by jean 2] He's "et up" with jealousy.
14. Roseanne show...If you know either Jean 1 (me) or Jean 2 (her) you're not surprised.
15. Scrubs...Watch it, it cracks me up.
16. The scene in Airplane where June Cleaver is speaking ebonics to the basketball stars....I bet the Beav would have loved it.
17. My friends, I love to laugh (duh!)
18. My Dh...Most days he's funny, somedays he's material for "Everybody Loves Raymond"
19. My son doing his "Junk World" talk...He's weird sometimes, but gotta love him.
20. My kids...They are a huge laugh!
21. This face....
22. Crazy Mama's blog....yep, she's a "hoot".


Viamarie said...

Enjoyed reading your list.

My photo for Saturday's Hunt is up now. Hope to see yours later.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend!

donna said...

That was "a hoot"! I finally found out why I keep saying it. Guess who says it ALL THE TIME! STACEY! I blame her!
I too love the word..."balmy"-I think I am too easy to make laugh!hehe

Stacey said...

I love "hoot". I love that Jean 1 and 2 are now using it too. I am a TRENDSETTER.

Ooh, and thanks for putting me in your blog as a link! I've told Jean 2 that we all need to become famous bloggers before next July so that we can go to the BlogHer Conference in Chicago! Road trip!

annrebieb said...

you ARE a hoot! And no've got a small "grass roots movement" started in your loyal following. Soon people will read yours INSTEAD of sarcastic journaler. hee hee