Friday, June 1

Future Blogger?

Future Blogger?
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We recently made a trip to our local mall. While my older two were clothes shopping my younger two and I took refuge first in Border's and then set up camp at a table at Starbuck's. My son had managed to convince me to let him purchase a Junie B. Jones (and Me) jourmal. {The book allows the reader to take turns with Junie answering questions journal style, thus creating a journal together} He was so excited that he asked for a pen right away. He wrote and answered questions for an hour and a half without one complaint about how long he was having to wait for his sisters to finish shopping. For those of you with son's who just "love" the mall, will understand the greatness of that moment.

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Jean 2 said...

I love that-what an awesome idea! :) All first graders need one of those in the classroom.