Saturday, June 23

Our visit to the zoo and other stuff

We are having a really good time as a family. Our time with Daddy is so rare, it makes our trip even that much better. My beloved is such a wonderful father, with strength and kindness. I am so proud of who he is and the way he is a part of raising our children. This time has surely deepened the bond between him and our children. For anyone who does not know, he works retail, which means that he works on Saturdays and many weekends. He does not always get to be at gatherings, he misses most sports events the kids are in and many concerts/events, not ever by choice, but by work obligations. This is something that he rather dislikes about his job, but he feels called to his career, so he works willingly and catches up with most things through video. :) Anyway, this trip is a jewel of great value in the crown of our family.

Here are two photos from yesterday:
Daddy and Christi

Ryan wresting a snake... bronzed snake
Blessings on your weekend.

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