Tuesday, June 5

No Thanks, I'm stuffed.

Christy and Christi
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Christi and I made a trip for essentials one day last week (read that as "went to the mall") . We had received a 10 bear bucks to Build-a-bear in the mail the week before, so Christi felt it was necessary to bring along her Bunny Christy (guess who she's named after) to get a new outfit. After much deliberation (a half hour of mind changing, waffling and indecision) it was settled that they should have the same color on for the rest of the day, right down to the pink bow in the hair/hare.
I am so thankful that I have one more sweet girl to watch grow up and become a young lady.

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Jean 2 said...

I love that. Love the title, the picture, the girl and the bunny. So adorable.