Monday, August 20

I'm thirsty anyway.....

I'm thirsty anyway
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So bring on the rain. (Jo Dee Messina song #6 but you might want to ignore the background picture on this site. ;) )

After countless days of 100+ degree weather, drought-like conditions, moving sprinklers around the yard like clockwork and taking refuge in any air-conditioned's raining! And 76 degrees. Yippee! Our yard is drinking greedily, the flowers out front are springing to life and I am finally going to get to wear my favorite jeans today. And while I sympathize with those of you dealing with Hurricane Dean, I am also grateful for the break in weather we are getting.
Happy Monday to all of you!


Jean 2 said...

Yes-bring on the rain witout the Dean and life would be good. I love rainy days in the MS. No more indoor recess and it brings back fond memories. I just want to sit and look out my window and daydream....but not for long with the thirsty knowledge of my students. LOL

The Small Scribbler said...

What a beautiful sight! We could use the rain here in Smallville.