Saturday, August 11

Shop til you drop? Uh, yeah!

Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

Thursday the kids and I took the visiting cousins to Branson Landing for a fun filled day of shopping and water front fun. We went on a day when everyone told us "You're crazy! It's supposed to be so hot!" But once we got there, it being so close to the water, it was actually a fairly perfect day with moments of cool breezes and water splashes. Everyone had a such a good time, finally heading home just after



Jean 2 said...

I am glad you were blessed to have better weather than I thought. I was among the majority that thought you were crazy for doing it-but God winked at you! :)

simply salzillo said...

I miss Springfield:( I never thought I'd say that, but seeing all your summer activities around town has brought back a flood of memories...and I miss my former home! Part of it is we're still getting settled here, if the truth should be told:) Enjoy the rest of the summer, I know school starts soon, for the good and the bad!